Abdulkadir Özkan: "Will the Ummah be united on its own?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Will the Ummah be united on its own?"
Date: 17.9.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Ummah. Here is the full article.

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Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu evaluated Netanyahu's annexation of the West Bank as a vile attempt and said, "If the Ummah were united, the US and Israel would not be so reckless." Of course it is not possible to say no to this determination. However, it would not be wrong to ask what the government has done in the meantime to ensure the unity of the ummah. Because it is not right to expect the formation to take place by itself before someone emerges and takes action to ensure the unity of the ummah, labor and perspiration. Turkey a huge responsibility at ensuring the unity of the Ummah. When the Ottoman was weakened in various ways, the square remained to the Crusaders. Because of the fact that this square was empty, the Islamic world was sentenced to a circle of fire. The way out of this is through the unity of the Ummah in the words of Çavuşoğlu. When an a question arises between a Christian nation in the Islamic countries taking place next to the Muslims rather than move with the Crusaders country or come up a number of conflicts in the Muslim countries to work to find a solution to the issue as a mediator since the supposed long-time Turkey always it did the opposite.
What happened in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and even Libya is an example of this. One step we assign somehow more often chose Turkey is under the roof of NATO or the first or identified as targets to be members of the EU. Turkey has made its the choice for Christian club. Well, has it been accepted? It is not possible to say yes to this question. Even so, EU membership is still being presented as a target for our country. Despite all the betrayals from the United States, it is still believed that peace in Syria will be achieved with the US. When the first confusion began in Syria, the idea that the Assad would be dismissed from work at the latest within a month and that Syria would be at peace was adopted and explanations were made in this direction. However, the point we have reached shows that contrary to what has been said, Syria has become a complete swamp. Great Middle East Project and the Arab Spring, but the contents of the presentation was not fully shared with the community stuck in pursuit of a number of presentations. However, if the co-presidency of the Greater Middle East Project had not been accepted voluntarily from the outset, and I would rather have co-chaired the Islamic Union Project, I think our region would be much better than today. We would not have been in an environment where the blood of Muslims was shed.
I agree with Mr. Çavuşoğlu, but it is not enough to tell the truth. As much as it is necessary to determine the truth, it is necessary to take action and make efforts for the realization of the truth. The point we have reached is so awful and insurmountable that wherever there is an internal conflict and blood is flowing, unfortunately Muslim blood is flowing, and there are Muslims among them. What happens to the Muslims, the profitable is the Crusader-Zionist alliance. Consequently, the wealth of Islamic countries is spent on the interests of the Crusaders and Zionists. While they lead a prosperous life from where they sit, Muslims are transferring their wealth to arms dealers in order to gain superiority to each other, with or without knowing. None of this is unknown. However, no serious steps were taken after Erbakan Hodja to embrace the Muslims. At this point, the establishment of an Islamic Union against the Crusader alliance has become a necessity and it is necessary to take action by seeing this fact.


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