Abdulkadir Özkan: "Will the vaccination end within this year?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Will the vaccination end within this year?"
Date: 28.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Covid-19 vaccination in Turkey. Here is the full article.

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The last months of last year passed amid the rumors that the vaccine coming/came. In the statements, it was frequently repeated that the first vaccinations could be made in November. However, this did not happen. Beyond that, it was stated that 10 million doses of vaccine will come as the first batch, but 3 million doses came next. The year is over, it's the end of January, but there were 3 million doses of vaccine. In the meantime, it was said that 10 million doses of vaccine will come as the second batch, but this came as 6.5 million. It seems that the administration of this 6.5 million doses of vaccine will begin in February. When it will end is not certain.
In other words, the statements made by the authorities do not match each other and for some reason there is no certainty about the arrival of the vaccine. Our country managers may not be responsible for this. There may be some disruptions in the country of supply. However, such an uncertainty in a matter of human life cannot be justified. Moreover, Turkey does not provide these vaccines free of charge. Because there is a trade. However, according to the news coming from China, our officials who made a statement also lose their reputation towards their own people.
In addition to all this, it is not known how much dose connection was made, whether there is a date and time determined for the delivery of this connection. An image appears as if it was at the mercy of China. By the way, it is frequently stated that the vaccine link with China is 50 million doses. But there is no certainty about the deadline for this 50 million dose of vaccine to be delivered. Moreover, if there is an agreement on the delivery of this 50 million doses of vaccine and the delivery dates are certain, this should be shared with the public. However, it seems that there is no clarity on this matter. Moreover, even if all 50 million doses of vaccine are administered, the vaccine will not be enough. Because the vaccine needs to be done twice, 4 weeks apart. As such, 50 million doses of vaccine will be sufficient for the vaccination of 25 million people. If there is a link made outside of this 50 million dose of vaccine, shouldn't it be shared with the public?
Another question that sticks to people's mind is that it is stated that the fact that the food is made at every opportunity will not prevent people from getting an epidemic. As such, while vaccination is being made, on the other hand, people need to continue to be protected from the epidemic. So, this year, people will continue to get sick. In the meantime, some concerned often call for not abandoning the measures because they are vaccinated. All this shows that it is important to complete the first vaccinations in a short time and move on to the second ones. However, there is no information about when the first vaccinations may be completed.
Another issue is that it is not clear when out of 83 million of our people, those who need to be vaccinated can be vaccinated. If the vaccine connection has not been made with another place, the question is how many people will be vaccinated with 50 million doses of Chinese vaccine, even if how much of the society wants it. In short, while the statements that we are more successful than the developed countries in the fight against the epidemic relax people a little, the uncertainties also make them nervous. While confidence was initially established in the fight against the epidemic, this trust has gradually weakened. This increases the anxiety in the society.


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