Abdulkadir Özkan: "Wrong cannot be corrected with another wrong"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Wrong cannot be corrected with another wrong"
Date: 11.1.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes about Turkey's economy and Dollar. Here is the full article.

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On behalf of this country, either a minority, or a secular head, let's say, attracted a lot from its owners. People who do not have power with the votes of the people's reaction to their authority through the authorities have continued to maintain their bureaucratic power. They spread the distinction between us and them in almost every field in the country. They didn't like them and they didn't like them. Maybe they wouldn't even let them live together in this country. The students who were covering their heads because of their faith were not allowed to work in the state. Those who cover their heads because of their beliefs were forced to open their heads if they wanted to read it. All this was wrong, discrimination.
Although the years passed, I never forget, always remembered my heart whistling Bursa Uludağ University first degree to a brother who came to the stage as the first stage of the diploma is not given, forcibly removed from the scene can not forget my life. All these wrongs were unfair, bigotry, cruelty. These injustices, discrimination and oppression had to end. Because it was inevitable that persecution and persecution would turn into a mutual conflict. This is not the way to respond to the wrong wrong, he was going to cancel the wrong. In doing so, we had to think that people who believed in people for many years would be second class and those who treated as asylum in this country would disappear. Let me point out that those who persecuted our people in the past have not disappeared today. Some people today are disturbed when they see someone wearing a headscarf. They react as long as they can.
In this respect, those who made the first serious competition in the society were considered the minority. According to them, they acted with the logic of we determine the rules that must be followed. They maintained this logic for many years, despite the fact that they could not be ruled by the people. This attitude prevented our country to become stronger and to be decisive on the world. In this respect, doesn't the separatist approach have to give up the past oppressed even today's power? They did it right, right. Will it be correct to correct the wrong in the past with the treacherous-patriotic approach that is wrongly corrected? I repeat, we have always reacted to the mistakes exhibited in the past. We feel pain and sadness. I believe that there should be no objection to the criticism of the works and to reveal the mistakes, and that this should be done in this direction. But doesn't the continuation of today the polarization that the secularists exhibit with another dimension as an obstacle to our embrace of the nation?
In this respect, is it possible to approve the fact that the two parties, which are the partners of power and power, try to intimidate the public by accusing the other parties of the future of the country at every opportunity, in other words by blaming the future of the country? If it is to be approved, would not a large part of the society be excluded? Such a separation does not have the right to a minority in the past, and today's power owners should not have the right.
The first thing that comes to my mind at this point is, is it easier for us to embrace and to separate? The question is happening. Perhaps embracing may be hard to tolerate differences, but if we will continue to live together, there is no other way to tolerate differences. Especially if we are not to drop the songs of democracy from our language, we have to learn to tolerate differences. I've always said that for the minority of yesterday. However, I think that the owners of power should be more embracing.


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