AGD President Salih Turhan: "Muslims are one nation"

AGD President Salih Turhan: "Muslims are one nation"
Date: 20.1.2019 11:00

Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) has started foreign policy training for students studying in international relations department of universities ...

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Foreign Policy Education started by the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) and attended by international relations department students. Speaking at the opening AGD President Salih Turhan, "We believe all Muslims are brothers according to our faith. We do not accept any Muslims as foreigners," he said.
The ’Foreign Policy Education‘ program organized by the Foreign Relations Unit of the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) started with the participation of President Salih Turhan. Turhan, who made the opening speech of the program, stated all Muslims are brothers according to our faith. We do not accept any Muslims as foreigners."
Muslims are the only nation of different colors, races and languages. Turhan, "Our understanding of politics should not be nation-oriented, but based on rights and justice. Our being Muslim does not focus us on a particular region of the earth, but on the contrary, our faith holds us all responsible for the earth. Today, more or less Muslims live in almost every country in the world. Regardless of which country the passports belong to, every Muslim's life safety, honor and dignity, livelihood, shelter and future are of interest to us. So we can not remain indifferent to any development in the world," he said.
Turhan stated that the imitation of the opinions and beliefs of others is not a solution for the solution of the problems. The person leaves his / her own world view, value measures and principles aside against the problem; It is easy to find a solution to a problem by imitating others, but this leads to mental regression as well as to the blindness of abilities. The solutions found are not permanent. The West has advanced in science and technology. But they are racists, discriminatory, and othering. They do not think of anyone but themselves. Technology in the hands of the West brings more trouble to humanity," he added.


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