AGD President Salih Turhan: "Society is in insanity"

AGD President Salih Turhan: "Society is in insanity"
Date: 23.9.2019 11:00

Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) Women's Branch Presidents Meeting held.

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Anadolu Youth Association (AGD) Women Branch Presidents Meeting was held at the Labor and Social Security Training and Research Center (ÇASGEM). 
Salih Turhan, Chairman of the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) and National Youth Foundation (MGV), who participated in the meeting, made important evaluations about the country's agenda.
Speaking at the meeting, Turhan, "a woman who ignores the work to reach the society, it is not possible to reach all segments of society," he said.


Referring to the news in the main newsletters about domestic violence almost every evening, Turhan said: "We are in a time period when the society is experiencing insanity. We are having a very important meeting in a period when the mothers of Diyarbakır Mothers, Saturday Mothers, KHK (Law Decree) mothers, mothers of peace academicians, and mothers of young people expelled from the war academy are on the agenda. In a city where our Branch Women's Branches do not work, it is not possible for AGD activities to reach its target", he added.


Turhan underlined that the works to be carried out by the AGD Branch Women's Branch Commissions are more important than ever, and said, "Women's murders, domestic violence and even do not want to say, abuse events are always at the forefront. We are in a state of social insanity, a crisis of love and compassion. Our efforts for this are very important. Some legal arrangements are made under the name of prevention of violence against women, some documents are signed but there is an increase in the number of cases, not a decrease. This situation must be reviewed. The issue should be discussed with women's associations that defend existing laws and conventions. This should not be a conflict, but an analysis of the data. Our Women's Branches should provide a very effective academic-scientific study on this subject. There is illiteracy among our youth. Our women's arms should undertake an active duty again at the point of raising a generation of studying, thinking and questioning," he continued.


Pointing out that the use of social media among our youth is widespread in the degree of addiction, Turhan, "We should reduce this dependency and direct the ongoing use to good. We need to multiply natural communication channels without getting into details, trying to get people into certain patterns. Instead of waiting for people to believe and think like us, and develop attitude and attitude like us, we must first establish the right communication between us. It is not possible for a study that ignores women to reach the society and reach all segments of the society. One of the biggest problems is the inability to comprehend the importance of the study. See, an unorganized goodness only increases the power of evil. We must work in an organized way, in a planned and programmed way", he said.


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