AGD President Salih Turhan: "We must unite and strengthen"

AGD President Salih Turhan: "We must unite and strengthen"
Date: 8.4.2019 12:00

Anadolu Youth Association (AGD) held the regional and branch heads meeting of April.

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At the meeting organized at Ankara Batıkent Birikim Schools, Salih Turhan, President of Anadolu Youth Association (AGD) and National Youth Foundation (MGV) made important evaluations on the agenda of the country and the world, especially the youth.
Turhan, who started his speech by giving important messages about the society, "The place we stand is a fair order in which five fundamental rights of man, from every color and from every race and thought are observed. The place where we stand is the protection of life, religion, property, mind and generation for every human being. The place where we stand is not divided and fragmented, but is united and strengthened. Time is moving very quickly," he said.
Pointing out that the technology is developing rapidly, Turhan stated that as the time progressed, shorter slices changed faster. Turhan, "No artificial intelligence; murder, interest, labor, racism, heresies. We will continue to tell people the right and justice. We need to talk to people of all walks about these issues in a way that people understand. People are detached from villages and towns and moved to big cities. People without soil are detached from agriculture and livestock. Can not produce food. He has to earn money to reach basic foodstuffs."
Turhan, who touched on important issues, "We are being deprived. The neighborhood has a memory. The house has a memory. Grandpa and grandchild are together. There is no room for large families. Grandchildren don't know their grandparents. People don't know the neighbors' relatives. In addition, the school we go, shopping, grocery, grocery, butcher, each one is destroyed with an urban transformation. The stone has a memory, but the concrete has no memory. The law of the family, not the rights of people are discussed more. Although individual rights are attractive, individualization is deprived of the protective shield of the family. Large families share the pain. Individuals are alone in the face of suffering."


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