AGD President Turhan: "Our goal is a new world order"

AGD President Turhan: "Our goal is a new world order"
Date: 6.11.2018 14:00

Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) President Salih Turhan spoke at the meeting of Heads and Branches of the organization.

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Anatolian Youth Association's November Regional and Branch Heads Meeting was held in Konya. In the opening speech of the meeting, AGD and MGV President Salih Turhan said, ‘The foundations of the 'New World' ideal, which our late teacher Erbakan has shown to all mankind, have been laid in 1969 in our city. The first slogan of this movement was ’Truth has arrived and the falsehood perished", which was hung in the middle of Mevlana Square at the foot of the Alaeddin Hill in Konya." he said.
Three hundred years of the decline after re-large rearing up the flares 'believer Great Turkey Turhan said that the rally took place in our Konya, "It response to a question, our teacher directed on the formed candidate from Konya,' is the center of the largest Muslim state in Konya in the middle of Anatolia. Our thousand-year history, such as a treasure at the bosom of our nation's big moves, always a source and a support center is an important center and support. Our candidate has attracted our hearts in Konya, despite the persistent demands from twenty provinces.
Saying that there are local elections ahead, Turhan said, "The places where people live, the cities they live in, the houses they live in or the houses affect the psychology and sociology of the people. It is inconceivable that a movement that says morality and spirituality first is indifferent to the issue of how places are influenced on human health and mental health, affecting the psychology and sociology of the human. Man's task on earth is reconstruction and improvement. It is the responsibility of the people to build livable cities, towns and villages and to make them livable." he added.


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