AGD to commemorate Çanakkale martyrs with 250 thousand hatims

AGD to commemorate Çanakkale martyrs with 250 thousand hatims
Date: 8.3.2021 13:00

Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) continues to protect the national and moral values of our country.

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Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) and National Youth Foundation (MGV) continue to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors.
AGD will remember our martyrs with the work of "250.000 Hatim for 250.000 Martyrs" with calligraphy and prayers on the 106th anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory.
The work launched by AGD online will continue on
Those who want to read hatim for the souls of our Çanakkale martyrs will be able to participate in the campaign on the website.
The prayer of the Hatims will be held on Wednesday, March 31.
"There is no obstacle we cannot overcome"
Making a written statement on the 106th anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory, AGD President Salih Turhan, "We need to understand that history is not just for commemoration, and that it exists to draw lessons. The most important lesson to be learned from Çanakkale Victory is our unity and solidarity. We have to rebuild the brotherhood climate that was set forth in Çanakkale 106 years ago in a way to spread it to the whole geography. Because if we are one and together, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome, no game we cannot break," he said.
Turhan, who has warned about the increasing polarization in the recent period, "While their grandfathers were fighting shoulder to shoulder in Çanakkale, the grandchildren of those who were martyred are trying to be turned against each other by planting seeds of strife between them today. The Islamic geography is tried to be fragmented by provoking ethnic, regional and sectarian differences. The way to spoil this game is more unity, more togetherness and more brotherhood. More justice is more freedom. Today, in order to understand Çanakkale, we need to smell the 6 thousand bullets per square meter. Our ancestors were martyred here to make the truth overcome the falsehood. They marched to God in order not to tramp these Islamic lands to the imperialists. We need to understand what this means. On this occasion, we have initiated 250 thousand hatims works in 250 thousand cities. We fully believe that our organizations from 81 provinces of Turkey and our brothers and sisters from all over the world will show great interest in this work," he added.


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