AGD University Commission leads the way for students

AGD University Commission leads the way for students
Date: 19.8.2019 13:00

Turkey's largest youth movement the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) broke new ground. AGD established a communication network to answer the questions of the students about the university and the cities they will go to.

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AGD Headquarters Universities Commission President Musa Ahmet Kaya, "You are not alone here, we are here for you," he said.
AGD Headquarters University Commission has initiated a comprehensive project in order to ensure that thousands of students make their university choices correctly, and now a new project is being implemented for students who have just won the university out of town for an academic education in universities for those who prefer student 'We you were expecting' establishing an advisory network with the slogan AGD Universities Organization, Turkey's 81 as the province as Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and answering the university and the families of questions about Macedonia. With this study, AGD University Commission aims to meet young people who have just started university.


Speaking to the Milli Gazete about the work carried out, AGD Headquarters University Commission President Musa Ahmet Kaya stated that thousands of young people were reached through the studies, "After the transition exams to the university, we started an intensive work process with our team. First, we started with ‘WhatsApp’ preference consultancy, then organized a camp in Samsun and provided one-on-one meetings with university candidates. In our camp, we try to provide guidance to many academicians, professionals and students. Currently, we have prepared a list and internet form with the communication of the members of the organization in all universities," he added.


Stating that their aim is to provide more detailed information to new students, Kaya, "Our members of the organization, who have more knowledge in the local area, see exactly the example of a compass for the new students. Because the new students face many questions about campus, dormitory, city and similar subjects. Right here we step in and find answers to all the questions of these brothers. 'You are not alone here, we are here for you'. We are also trying to support our brothers and sisters who fill out the form on our website and support them on the issues they need," he said.


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