AKP failed in all areas at the same time!

AKP failed in all areas at the same time!
Date: 19.5.2022 11:11

Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu criticized the government's agriculture and investment policies at the press conference and noted that with this mindset, the government would zero out the producer, not inflation.

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Felicity (Saadet) Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu made important evaluations on the agenda at the weekly regular press conference. In the statement made at the headquarters of his party, Karamollaoğlu noted that it is not possible to put Turkey's real agendas in order, but that justice and economy come first in the real agenda of the nation. Underlining that they will not take into account the issues raised by government to deflect the real agenda, Karamollaoğlu slammed the government's agriculture and investment policies from the ground to up.


Karamollaoğlu stated that Turkey's real agenda is inflation, cost of living and price hikes like rain, "It is waste and corruption. It is finished agriculture, destroyed livestock. It is the wrong investments made and the wrong policies implemented. Unfortunately, one of the most dramatic examples of wrong policies is agriculture and livestock policies. Turkey is one of the 7 countries that are self-sufficient in agriculture and animal husbandry in the world. So what's the situation today? According to Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT); In 2021, there was a 2,2 percent shrinkage in agriculture. In the last 10 years, the number of farmers has decreased from 1 million 56 thousand to 530 thousand! That is, it has decreased by half. These are very striking examples and numbers that are worrying for our future," he said. 


Reminding that President Erdogan announced the prices of fresh tea as great news, Karamollaoğlu continued as follows: "How much is the increase that they call good news? 73 percent! So how much is the increase in the inputs of the agricultural sector? Fertilizer increased 300 percent, diesel increased 300 percent. But fresh tea increases by 73 percent. Immediately after this statement of Mr. Erdogan; ÇAYKUR made a 44 percent increase in tea. Excuse me, but, with this head, you do not reset the inflation but you reset the farmer/producer! You only hit the purchasing power of the consumer, not the cost of living! Indeed, it happens. Anatolia is emptying fast. Concrete is poured on the land where we need to plant crops. Producer can not receive a recompense for his hard work, consumers cannot find cheap and healthy food. The solution is not to pave the way for imports, not to reset customs; but it is to strengthen the producer. It is to transfer resources to the farmer, not to the partisan companies, summer-winter palaces! It is to remake agricultural policies from scratch. Because with these policies, maybe you can save the day; but you will lose Turkey's future." 


Karamollaoğlu, who said, “We are not against investments; We are against the wrong investments," Karamollaoğlu, stating that there is an airport in Turkey where no planes land, "For example, Balıkesir Airport… There is an airport in Edremit; A new one is being built at a distance of 80 kilometers. It has a tower, a service building, a runway, and a staff. One thing is missing; aeroplane! It was made with the target of 1 million passengers per year, but how many passengers are arriving? None! Not a single plane has landed at this airport for 28 months. Fear Allah Almighty! Again, Kütahya Zafer Airport, which we all know… The target here was 1,2 million passengers. Well, how many passengers come in last years? 7 thousand passengers. The margin of error is 99 percent! We hope that Rize-Artvin Airport will not suffer the same fate now. Because the money spent here is not from the pockets of 3-5 people who are clustered in the Kulliye; come out of the pocket of 85 million people of Turkey,” he criticized the investment policy.


Karamollaoğlu, who also made evaluations about the rapid increase in housing prices, added, “The rapid increase in housing prices comes from the wrong economic policies, especially the exchange rate and interest applied by the government. Then one more; They are trying to solve this policy mistake with the 'housing finance incentive package', which even low-income people can't pass up. The root of the problem is not addressed; instead of understanding the causes of the problem, heads are buried in the sand. The construction cost index has increased by 101,57 percent in the last year. In the construction cost increase, the increase in construction material prices was 128,11 percent. Just one month's increase in construction costs is 9,58 percent. Is it possible to rein in price increases in an industry with costs increased 10 percent per month? Shouldn't we start the solution by reducing the cost increases?”


Underlining that Turkey is at a crossroads, Karamollaoğlu said, “It is not possible to improve the problems experienced without taking the necessary measures. The government should know that; The problems experienced in the economy cannot be solved by ignoring them. We can only come out of this process by confronting the problems and realizing fundamental structural reforms. In other words, we are obliged to be realistic, to face the problems, to accept the mistakes made, or rather, the power is obliged to do this. Declaring food, agriculture and livestock as a priority area; A 'National Agriculture and Food Strategy' should be determined immediately. Producers, unions, cooperatives, commodity exchanges should be actively involved in this process and a new working period should be started with the 'spirit of mobilisation'. In this context, producer debts go to configuration; Unjustified interests received under the name of resource use should be deleted. Principal debts should be extended over the long term and the support given should be increased significantly. Otherwise, Turkey, Almighty God forbid, may become in need of bread tomorrow.”


Emphasizing that the government is unsuccessful in everything at the same time, Karamollaoğlu added, “Making the Turkish Lira (TL) worthless, raising the interest rates in the market, increasing the inflation to triple digits, bringing the budget deficit to historically high levels, flying interest expenses, increasing the army of the unemployed and the current account deficit, eroding the Center bank reserves and maintaining distrust; all the failures belong to the current power. May Almighty God not put anyone in this situation. A government that has become the focus of so many failures, so many policy mistakes and so much incompetence would be embarrassed if it were in another country; He would say, ‘I can't do this job, I messed it up’ and go to the arbitration of the nation. Thus, he would put the people and the country at ease. As a result of the election, it would either restore confidence or be instrumental in handing over the power to the competent people. Alas, there is no one who feels ashamed, neither sees the truth, nor understands the state of the nation.” 
Saying that one of the most important issues in Turkey is waste, Karamollaoğlu continued his speech as follows: “Waste is not just about money or property. It is also a waste to let people's hopes down, consume their energies and extinguish their dreams. Today, the Erdogan government, unfortunately, has made the biggest waste on our youth. While our young-dynamic population, which is our pride and our biggest capital, has the potential to lift Turkey up; Unfortunately, it is wasted by wrong education policies. According to the data of the European Statistical Office; When the education level increases in Europe, the unemployment rate lowers and earnings increases. However, the situation in Turkey is unfortunately the opposite! I say waste, because in the last 5 years in Turkey, the number of doctorate students increased by 75 percent. According to Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) data; Turkey is the country with the highest population of young people under the age of 30 who do not attend both school and work. Increasing the number of universities is one of the most proud subjects of the government. However, there is not a single university that entered the Top 500 in the world! According to PISA data; We are in the last place in mathematics and science. With the ever-changing education system, an entire generation is wasted on the ‘logic that treats our youth as race horses’ and the unqualified curriculum in the exam systems they change by trying every letter of the alphabet.”


On the occasion of May 19, Youth and Sports Day, Karamollaoğlu addressed the youth as follows: “We need you in Turkey's future. With your energy, horizon and experience, we will raise Turkey together again. As Saadet Party, we promise; What is the destruction of this government, which despises you, cannot tolerate your ideas, and wants to put a mortgage on your future? If there is we will fix it. First and foremost, we will rekindle your hope. Together with you, we will establish a Turkey where no one talks about the phone in your pocket, it is not impossible to have technology products, and travel abroad is not a dream. Let's not forget that; In the days when hopes were thought to be over and despite all the difficulties, the step taken on May 19, 1919 became the signal flare of our National Struggle. Today, too, there is no need to fall into despair and pessimism. We sincerely believe that we will build a livable and Again Great Turkey  with the spirit of the National Struggle and our young people who are idealistic, patriotic, and protect their national and spiritual values.”


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