Al-Shifa massacre: Israel has killed 90 Palestinians in 2 days

Al-Shifa massacre: Israel has killed 90 Palestinians in 2 days
Date: 21.3.2024 13:00

The Israeli military has admitted that it has killed 90 Palestinians and kidnapped 160 others in two days of a raid into Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital.

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The regime’s military claimed in a statement on Wednesday its forces had “located weapons in the hospital area.”
The regime also claimed its troops “prevented harm to civilians, patients, medical teams, and medical equipment.”
More than half of medical facilities in the besieged Palestinian territory are now either totally out of order or partially destroyed.
The Government Media Office in Gaza says more than 100 aid workers have been killed and dozens wounded over the past week in eight attacks carried out by Israeli forces.
The regime’s military is “interrogating” about 300 people at the site of al-Shifa medical complex.
The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, however, has slammed the regime’s claims. Hamas says those who were killed by Israel in the raid on the hospital were patients, medical workers and displaced civilians.
The Israeli military “practices lying and deception in spreading its narrative as part of justifying its continuous and law-breaking crimes,” said the director of Gaza’s media office Ismail al-Thawabta.
“Israeli forces heavily opened fire as they stormed the hospital, killing and injuring more than 250 civilians,” said the media office.
Senior Hamas official Basem Naim also said “what happens in al-Shifa Hospital is a war crime and is part of the war of genocide conducted by the Israeli occupation.”
Israel has imposed a siege on the hospital in Gaza City since its forces started a raid on the medical complex on March 18.
Al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital, has sheltered thousands of Palestinians who fled Israel’s hostilities in northern parts of the territory.
In a separate report, the Media Office said Israeli forces have killed at least 14,000 children in the Gaza Strip since they launched the bloodshed in early October. The children were among more than 31,900 Palestinians who have been killed ever since.


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