Ali Haydar Haksal: "Culture and Resistance"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Culture and Resistance"
Date: 5.2.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on culture and resistance. Here is the full article.

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Edward Said is an immigrant and a person of struggle having difficulties, where he was expelled from his homeland. He never compromises his struggle, works and makes effort. The main problem of the great majority of Muslim intellectuals is that they do not fulfill their responsibilities adequately and escape. He never gives up on this. As he does not give up, he mobilizes the intellectuals as much as he can. Of course, the problem is not limited to Palestine. But Palestine and Israel are at the top of the problems that make the world nervous.
Effective institutions such as American universities, media, capital and Hollywood are in a Zionist-oriented approach. The problems in Palestine are ignored and never mentioned. One-sided and only Jewish righteousness and oppression are expressed. “The New York Times published only three pro-Palestinian articles on its commentary page, one was a very powerful article by an Israeli advocating the Palestinian cause, the other by a Jordanian, and the third by the Israeli lawyer AllegraP Parlak, then in the US. All the rest were pro-Israel. " (p. 74) “There is constant exchange between the American Academy and Israeli universities. Personally, I encourage people who go to Israel as guests of this or that university to take care of seeing Palestinian universities as well. We must do this ourselves, including academics, writers, artists, intellectuals, peace activists, anti-imperialists, and anti-discrimination activists, who are not few in number in this country. Civil rights movements. African-Americans movement. (…) The United States sells tens of millions worth of weapons to the Middle East, be it the Gulf states or Israel. These countries are some of the largest arms buyers in the world. What we have to do is remove the veil so that discussions on the Middle East cannot be hampered by fear of provoking the Zionist lobby. " (p.77)
Edward Said makes these determinations and makes suggestions and warnings about the Palestinians and Muslims as he tries. Against the strong Zionist and imperialist power. It is obvious how hard the Palestinian people are. He makes this work in an interview and is broadcast on the media and radios in America. “The overwhelming majority of the people live in poverty for fear of being displaced, not being able to find a job, and not be able to feed their children. In my opinion, it is very wrong to see Islamic organizations simply as terrorists. They are a civilian alternative to governments that are all corrupt without exception. " (p.78) In explaining this, it is that the problem is not only religious and cultural, but also human, that humanity should understand. After this emphasis: “I think it's a complex formation that creates the impression that secularism is the dominant force. Islam remained the last cultural legion to be defended against the encroachments and attacks against Arab Muslims by Israel, the United States and their regimes. I mean, Islam is a symbol of resistance, rather than something that can be translated directly into a political message or a political imagination. Not so. This should come from citizens who are thinking on the basis of a common policy on coexistence, cooperation, a common market in the Arab world, pooling Arab resources in a common pool, immigration and integration, which unfortunately has not been at stake for at least two generations. (p. 79) It depends on the mobilization of the intellectuals and the participation of the peoples to bring these important issues to the agenda. This awareness of thought can only be effective.
Another important finding is the formation of parallel Arab states, especially when the state of Israel was established in the region. It's a multi-part region. "The problems have increased exponentially since the 1940s." (p.80)
Few people support Edward Said's honorable stance. It is also natural that he is not aware of some developments in the region. If these can be combined and turned into a big sound, it can be meant to bring results. The problem is not only with Muslims, the problem is that the power of Zionists and imperialism is not adequately explained.


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