Ali Haydar Haksal: "Disaster brink, what will Turkey do?"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Disaster brink, what will Turkey do?"
Date: 10.1.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on Turkey and the US-Iran tension. Here is the full article.

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The turmoil in our region continues deepening. Turkey also included in Syria, Iraq, Iran mess. This is a compulsory inclusion. The Syrian problem, terrorism and the endless pitfalls of US imperialism are not interrupted in our south. Turkey does somehow find a way out when it narrows. American backlash against Turkey being given to the policies and may remain, but just tell me this. There are dozens of bases in Turkey. The most important of these is Incirlik. Recently, the Armenian events draft was passed, but there was no reaction.
There are many problems of linking Turkey.
Now, the tension in Iran is climbing. It is a matter of curiosity about how the US and Israel will operate in the EU. Tension is climbing every day. It is now and officially counter-state intervention as a result of the murder of the official and senior Iranian commander Solaimani. "We killed a terrorist," Trump said. According to Trump, this means that Iran is a state of terror. This is also a war justification.
In such a situation, what is Iran's power and how will it resist? This complex event needs to be considered in many ways. We are directly involved in this matter that concerns us. We can never keep ourselves out. We can not because it's dozens of bases in Turkey. How much is our power and will not to use these bases against our neighbor? Moreover, after the Armenian question, the subject seems to be closed. But it stands above us like a sword of democles.
In a strange way, the CHP pursues a policy of not touching water with the habit of the past. When you stay away, you get rid of the problem? It's odd that you don't realize that you're coming towards us with this narrowing circle.
CHP is not taking lessons from the past. In the Cyprus issue, although we have justified reasons, and not our interlocutors, we were subjected to the US embargo. Consequently, the Cyprus problem has largely been solved. And as a result of the embargo, we established a factory that produces aircraft tires.
The Iranian issue concerns us directly. Iran's decisive goal will be settled as a result of Turkey.
Our foreign policies are becoming more and more complex. Turkey is striving to open it. Recently in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Qatar and rapprochement of imperial bothered. After all, the Armenian Draft problem arose. Need new moves, of course. The recent meeting in Malaysia was a step, at least, they need to be further intensified.
Powers look at balances. This applies not only to the US and its supporters, but also to Russia. There is a struggle for power gathering and pro-creation in the region. Turkey's closure of NATO bases in any of the steps, such as blocking unfortunately no power.
We are skeptical about what Iran's moves will have. The Powers are moving together.
In some cases, no matter what is done in terms of results, it is no longer useful. Our attitude during the invasion of Iraq did not give us anything, and the problems became more and more complicated and we were completely out of business.
Turkey's foreign policy is now on an unfolding road. It's looking to keep the balance. Naturally, the goal is not to damage Turkey in the following process. Of course in the future.
Turkey needs to give confidence to be the vanguard. With a determined attitude. Otherwise imperialism will never breathe. Our Syria dilemma is the most concrete indicator of this. Because of the problems coming from the past, we want to step back but are forced. The region is a whole, we can't keep ourselves out of it. Moreover, Muslims are the target.


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