Ali Haydar Haksal: "From Islamism to Kemalism"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "From Islamism to Kemalism"
Date: 13.11.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on Turkey's transformation. Here is the full article.

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The speed of change is dizzying. Political currents are increasingly confusing and evolving. Who is who, exactly can not be identified. The left is not the old left we know. It's close to conservative right-wing. Kemalism strives to preserve its essence. Even though there are radical elements in them, they give up some of their attitudes or stay distant in order to adapt to the nation.
It's not clear what right-wing is in a mess. Conservatism has long been a passion. A political movement that cannot renew itself and takes color according to conditions. It's central. Of course they represent the essence and spirit of capitalism or liberalism. Aside from the old strict attitude of the left, they move away from the Marxist spirit and essence. The Marxist sections of the left are thoroughly minority.
It has long since ceased to be a political movement that struggles with Islamism and tries to define itself. Islamic consciousness and sensitive segments are becoming less and less. Now that emotion is in place. Because after Islamist political ambitions and ambitions, he has anchored right wing to nationalism and racism, now openly to Kemalism. The predominant reason for the racist spirit.
Why is this happening? Is it in order to adapt to the system, so that it does not prejudice its interests, or does it really have genuine feelings. Expression of the subconscious? All this can be considered.
Islamic consciousness and sentiment are now increasingly retaining their original place in the minds, while others are increasingly distant from this feeling and thought.
Some symbols were a movement of consciousness. Maybe it was an attempt to find a way out. But these symbols are no longer the equivalent of today. Perhaps it is a result that allows you to be intimate with the system when the problems are overcome. Now the situation is reversed as if the desired success has been achieved by the end of the headscarf struggle or effort. Or, after the persecution and persecution suffered by the headscarves, they are also a good passion for Kemalism. The situation has changed a lot since the students, who were wearing headscarves and imam hatip, joined the ritual a year ago.
During the November 10 process, many people we knew, did not expect from them, and who we knew did not expect, participated in the ritual of worship in a stance of respect. Those who died after the negative speech in our tradition and belief. We don't wish or wish to send anyone to hell. The deeds of people bind themselves to their actions. They give their own account. Perhaps there are consequences that we do not know. It is not known who has faith and which dimension. The situations of those who are in denial and blasphemy are bound by themselves. On the day of account, of course, they will pay for it, and they will get their money.
We have no hatred for anyone. We surrender every human's right, as much as he has the right. We don't exaggerate more than you do. Ultimately, the whole call of the Messenger of Allah is based on the following basic principle: "Allah is one, and Muhammad is his servant and messenger." This means that a prophet is a servant first and then a messenger of Allah. He is never a God. Religion is the religion of Allah.
Ceremonies and rituals are literally like a religious ceremony. It turns into a mutual showdown and even competition. A ritual reminiscent of the pilgrimage and circumambulation of Muslims. What happened at certain times and on certain dates reveals this fact. This religion has certain rules and all principles must be followed. The slightest error and deviation in the rituals are damaging to the state of worship. Because when the worshipers see that they do not follow them, they break the apocalypse. People are being punished. It is very difficult to stand in front of this environment and situation. Of course, the commitment of those who have a sense of worship requires this.
The real problem is that those who are in Islamic consciousness are now caught up in this wave. So there must have been that worshiping feeling in their subconscious or a result that has been ingested for years.


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