Ali Haydar Haksal: "Global Trauma and Patience"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Global Trauma and Patience"
Date: 1.4.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on Coronavirus. Here is the full article.

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We live the days when the stalemates became more apparent at a time when humanity was tested with itself. In these days when humanity is tested with humanity, it requires thinking deeply on the days of global imperialism on terrorism, human deaths and great disasters.
This brutal structure, which does not give humanity the right to life, is surprised when faced with an unexpected situation. He has fallen into his own rush. He's in trouble for his own life. However, if they ignore the lives of others.
Humanity is going through a test. Almost everyone is equal. Kings, emperors, emperors of democracy, according to them, are in the same position as the most ordinary people. They have the same fear. Their fears are even more effective and shocking.
The death of humanity is the real destruction. Every person is a saint. It is human responsibility to dry and bring every saint to life. Keeping it alive.
Humanity is equalized due to the virus. Those who see themselves in a different world, establish a sultan and those who do not substitute for human beings are in a test at the moment. Fear and panic have surrounded them. The queens and the kings are dying, the sultans who rule the world, and even those who persecute. What is the interpretation of systems, isms, in this case, what solution can ideologies have?
An oasis on the earth. Fear is for almost everyone. Nobody is superior to anybody. Everyone is in their own rush. Even the rulers of the countries cannot get out of their cages. The smallest touch chills.
Conspiracy theories have no counterpart. Sovereign powers centered on the conspiracy are trying to save themselves. It does not even go beyond the mind of someone else's smashing, defeating, and self-dependence. Because he's in trouble.
It makes no sense to create cheap, ordinary theories. The fabrications of ordinary theorists have no value. What plan could sovereign countries have, when their economies are collapsing, big institutions are bankrupt, and the army of unemployed is increasing?
How much ordinary behavior of ordinary policies simplifies people becomes more evident nowadays.
Human value is being simplified.
This infectious virus knows no bounds. It does not recognize any obstacles. It easily overcomes the barriers and limits of the very strong.
The healthiest situation for today is the self-protection and avoidance of this big wave.
Muslim has basic understanding of life. Some situations are not very noticeable and unknown in other cultures. The Muslim's precaution, withholding and patience make it easier to overcome difficulties. It makes sense of your life. It shows how to take an attitude.
Patience is a great power, a situation to take shelter. The biggest power it relies on is its creator.
He does not expect the oppression of the oppressors in this world. It is unclear where and when divine justice will manifest.
It is not known how Allah's verses will manifest. Every occurrence and being in the universe is one of the verses of Allah.
People are persecuting themselves by consuming their own future. It persecutes humanity by slaughter. Persons who narrow the world are persecuting because they leave no shelter. It is known that the rank of such oppressed people will never be unrequited.
The virus wave will of course end. We hope that after that, humanity draws lessons from this untested test. Of course, the wrongdoers will continue their cruelty. The oppressed will patiently resist. Patience is their strongest weapon, there is no power they cannot overcome. Patience.


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