Ali Haydar Haksal: "Human drama immigration"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Human drama immigration"
Date: 2.8.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on migrants. Here is the full article.

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This great drama of human history is accompanied by colonialism, and the right to life is viewed in a very different dimension. This situation, which does not give peace to humanity, deepens the suffering.
The western world, together with capitalism, has a spirit that largely exploits humanity in every aspect and almost does not give it the right to live.
Unfortunately, as the living space of humanity shrinks, they become intolerant of each other. This has reached such a level that they do not give the oppressed the right to live even though they are oppressed themselves. The intolerance of a mayor, even to cut off people's water, is inhumane. How else can one define an understanding that sees the blessings of water, air and nature so much for people?
Turks or other peoples, who find millions in Europe for both work and other reasons, are in a sense immigrants. There is a continuous flow from east to west. Especially the younger generation has their eyes on the outside. However, there is nothing more brutal than depriving people of water. Is it the people who are defined as immigrants who are forced to live, or those who make them feel like this?
They invade the countries that surround the Middle East, with underground and aboveground riches, and neutralize them. They leave them homeless, homeless and unemployed. In order to relieve Israel, they are excluding communities in the region with the force of oppression and weapons. One of the most concrete examples of this is Libya. Forcing the people of countries with oil and economic power to migrate and closing the doors of Europe is a human tragedy. You will both exploit and not give them the right to live in their homeland!
Westerners, who are fans of the West and continue their understanding and lifestyle, unfortunately have the same spirit. They do the same to oppressed people as Westerners do. How human is it to deprive humanity of a sacred being like water?
This is more than the idea of ​​protecting their own rights; Racism is the idea of ​​not treating other people as human beings. Whatever the reasons, a Muslim opens his heart and doors to the oppressed. Anatolia is the most concrete example of this. The fact that many peoples live together with Muslims in this region is the best example for humanity.
In the wars and uprisings against the Ottoman Empire, while the Westerners were occupying on the one hand, they were claiming that they were saving some peoples from Ottoman imperialism, on the other. These are the reasons for the invasions of the French and the British. On the one hand, they make people believe that they have gained their freedom by uprising, on the other hand, they both occupy and enslave them. They disbanded the Ottoman Empire, but ultimately made it dependent on them. Muslims were never liberated after the Ottomans. This is the result of the British and then the United States' involvement in Iraq. The results are clear in Syria, Egypt and Libya. In other countries, they are under the control of servile people. They can never act on their own.
Those who carry their spirit as a mentality do the same to other oppressed people. They prefer to be with them.
The attitude and attitude of the capitalist mentality and the spirit of colonialism never change. Socialist-minded people with a western spirit are no different from them. Because they are fed from the same source. The deceptive concept called "humanism" has no meaning and no equivalent for other people. This only applies to their own people.
The understanding that serves humanity is to see people as a whole. It makes no difference between them. It is keeping its doors open to those in need. In our tradition, there is an understanding of life called "Guest of God".
What else can be expected from those who have lost their human values?
Unless Muslims reach their own spirit, they cannot regain their human characteristics.


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