Ali Haydar Haksal: "Insistent mentality"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Insistent mentality"
Date: 6.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on modern period. Here is the full article.

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The way of thinking of modern times: Imposition. Acceptance by force and pressure.
The nation is a whole, but there are differences. This is bound to happen. It is an obligation to see humanity in integrity and to respond to their demands that do not cross borders. This is more in the context of belief.
While Western thought limited its problems with the church, it left a huge void. This gap cannot be filled. Human needs to believe and think. All ideological occurrences are temporary, one could not replace the other. As such, he turned to extremes. Unlimited excesses, perversions, alcohol, sex, drugs, etc. things have become the reality of life. It floats when meeting with different cultures. In this case, it was inevitable to make the other party look like himself or force them to different situations.
Islam preserves its essence. Although Muslims may be caught in some waves, they still exist and are strong as thoughts. The main problem for Muslims is to represent them properly. The borderlessness of the problems, divisions, and tensions it lives in. Moreover, the imposing/Jacobinism caught up in Western thought escalates conflicts and tensions. Republican ideology is a Western-spirited Jacobin form. It tried to be an asset by suppressing the demands and values ​​of the people. This understanding, which changes color and state by adhering to the essence over time, does not quite sit down as it wishes. Of course, it has a place and a return as a result of many years. This is undeniable. It constitutes a considerable part. It is constantly changing in the context of ideology. It seeks to adapt to changing conditions.
The main thing is that it has an imposing mentality. Years of successful execution of this. However, after a certain period, the tendencies of the people towards their core values ​​inevitably force them. The orientation to spirituality, or the appearance, is the result of this feeling.
The imposing/Jacobin spirit remains in existence. The occasional outlets show this. A sense of resentment builds up inside. It is worth noting that. These mutual conflicts, tensions and sometimes frustrating situations also bring about transformations. This should not be seen only in the context of Western thinking. We can also see it in segments who call themselves conservative.
The essence of the system is Kemalism. The disguise of those who define themselves as left is just appearance. He is now the religion of the system. Its rules and rituals are precise. He has an untouchable situation. It is protected by law.
Those known as the left, the left of the middle, socialism, Marxism have gone through many stages. Most of these are no longer on the agenda. Although it looks left in color, there is a concise Kemalism in French positivist thought at the center. He turns around and comes to him. That understanding known as Sol ate its own offspring in the past. He executed it, not looking at his tears, at his ideal.
This spirit and gaze, which sometimes relapses in today, takes its head from time to time. He cares about some problems that have been overcome. It's a result of intolerance. Mutual sharpness triggers this even more. Misunderstanding is also a result of this. This also works for the parties. The grandfathers, mothers and fathers of the left-wing liberal Westerners are Muslim families. The French Jacobin secularism, positivism and non-spirituality that confused them. They are still standing where there is French thought, a hundred years and maybe a little more. They try to ignore the values ​​of their society as they used to be. Although they seem to be renewed, they sag in a place like in a building example, their hump appears. For this to change, one more generation must pass. However, this new generation has a Western conception of life that no longer has an ideology. How can these problems be overcome when a nation takes a new move with its core values? By the resurrection of man on his core values.


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