Ali Haydar Haksal: "Integrity of nationalist racism and Kurds"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Integrity of nationalist racism and Kurds"
Date: 21.8.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on Turkey's ruling. Here is the full article.

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The AKP surrendered thoroughly to Jacobin nationalist racism. Henceforth, AKP has dismissed Kurdish voters. This is our first assessment.
The AKP has fallen into a trap or has surrendered voluntarily. Following an electoral defeat, such an attitude is found odd. Moreover, while the AK Party seemed more embracing at the beginning, it seems that it has surrendered to a completely nationalist and racist structure in recent years.
There must be many reasons for this. It hasn't realized the trap it's been building since the presidential election. It is inevitable that each rise will have a period of decline. What a pity that the fate of people-centered. It is resisted to a point, and then somewhere is no longer the period closes. Non-thought structures can survive to some extent with power.
The nationalist racist structure is a whole. It is not a coincidence that those who are not thought to be together are together. The appearance shows this.
It is as if a deep force forms these structures and brings them together. At the end of the road, the rudder is under the supervision of someone.
Since the last election there is an interesting situation. There has been a rupture between opposition party CHP and the Kurds, the center of the nationalist racist spirit for years. Since the time of Deniz Baykal, Kurds have been keeping CHP in line with other racist parties and staying away from them. Along with the presidential election, the blockades revealed interesting paintings. The association of the AKP and other racists formed a control center. It turned into an angry, hateful front. Another racist party, the Good (İyi) Party and CHP also took part in a block. Here is an interesting situation. At that time, the Kurds, who were in the interim, suddenly joined the Jacobin racist CHP and the Good Party bloc in order to protect themselves from the other bloc or to take part in a front against them. This has yielded a result. Sliding on a socialist plane, HDP has uncovered a new picture of leaning against the other two racist parties. The repulsive and hateful approach in the election process forced them in a way, but reconciled the Kurds with CHP. In a way, they also somehow adapted to the system one way or another. More importantly, the Kurds, whose spirituality was strong, could not be assimilated for nearly a century, thus both secularized and indirectly re-adapted to the system with CHP.
In particular, the fact that he was a spokesman and a man of other racist parties led by the Minister of the Interior created satisfaction and joy on one front. The interesting thing is that with the dismissal of the three big city mayors, the Kurdish voters were completely dismissed. The internal structure of the system has actually pushed them to the CHP block.
The AKP initially broke with the National Vision tradition and moved away from its essence in the context of thought. Now he has surrendered to a completely racist Jacobin understanding. And of course more important than that.
We are mortals, every person or situation has an end. From now on, Mr. Soylu is led by the racist Jacobin understanding or he can be used as a front, we cannot predict it, there is a fast course in such a direction.
Aside from discussing the rightfulness or injustice or inaccuracy of the application, the real problem is here.
Naturally, the following question can be asked. Perinçek before the elections, the election has only a symbolic meaning, somehow they will be dismissed from the thesis. That's what happened. If these names were legally inconvenient, why were they elected? Moreover, there is a certain prejudice. If a new election is made now, the result will not change again. Then what's the point of choosing? How can it be called democracy?
Will the problem be over with another five years? After that, it's important. Henceforth, there is the actual association of nationalist racist CHP and HDP.


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