Ali Haydar Haksal: "Modernism: Justification for attacking Islam"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Modernism: Justification for attacking Islam"
Date: 13.9.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on Imperialism and West. Here is the full article.

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Looking at what is going on, it is a fact that it is difficult to analyze cause-effect relationships. After the developments in Afghanistan, it is attacked in the context of its relations with modernism from the perspective of the people. This is a result of the Western mentality. They are attacked more on the basis of lifestyle, consumption of clothes and the appearance of their children than on the grounds of development. The multifaceted moves, transformations and interests of imperialism are turning towards itself. This is done more in front of the world public than in Afghanistan. When we draw this towards ourselves, an attack is carried out on a modern woman who is dressed in a chador in a program jointly organized by the Municipality of Edremit, public institutions and some non-governmental organizations. Here, it is not only the female personality that is belittled and humiliated, but the thought that creates it, which is the target. This war is against Islam.
While maintaining its occupations, arranging the administrations according to itself, imperialism transforms societies massively. We have two examples of this. After the First and Second World Wars, Germany and Japan... While these two countries are being occupied, they are slowing down their inner world on the one hand, and transforming them in their own way, on the other hand. One-party rule and kingship continue in Japan. But this is how it develops inside, and it has been transformed into fully modernized communities that have broken away from their original values. This society is no longer a danger to the West. However, it has not failed to be shown as an exemplary society to the world public. The same is true for Germany.
In the context of Turkey, the turmoil continues. The power and influence of imperialism seems to be there. If there is a success, [!] is where and where the modernized segments come from. The National Struggle was originally a liberation movement. There is national unity. But here, as in Japan and Germany, the main goal is modernization. The main battle is being fought for this situation, which will be a means of consumption.
Another factor that is effective in these changes is the idea of ​​nationalism. Nationalism imposes limitations on a society. What is homogeneous is the internal disintegration of a united nation, making it war against each other and neutralizing it. Looking at Turkey specifically, developments and changes other than modernization have been blocked. It was intended to make a Muslim nation at war with its own values.
This is the main reason for the current conflict. The race for the share of modernism and consumption. Otherwise, there is no effort to be a pioneer for humanity as it was in the past. None of the steps that will ensure the unity of the Islamic nation are taken. There are gaps that are hostile to each other, and this is persistently maintained. Targeting people's clothing due to both traditional and belief is the justification for modernism and consumption, occupation and imperialism. Moreover, what accelerated the Maraş uprising in the National Struggle was the attack on the clothes and sheets of women.
In particular, this is done by taking refuge in the concept of "Kemalism". This is gaining more and more weight. We are not worried about the Islamic nation finding itself again and realizing its thought. The unity of the nation of Islam passes through unity. He can do it by ignoring the details in between. Racism, sectarianism, ideological segregation serve modernism and imperialism. Those who deal with each other cannot see what they are going to do.
A healthy result cannot be achieved in a society falling into each other.
Every step towards development in Turkey is encouraged and hindered by the subcontractors of the domestic imperialists.
The spirit of slavery is walking in a healthier way of modernity and consumption. Slavery is also a choice.


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