Ali Haydar Haksal: "Mossad-spirited natives"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Mossad-spirited natives"
Date: 13.10.2023 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on Israel's attacks on Gaza and reactions in Türkiye. Here is the full article.

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While the pain and drama of Palestine is heartbreaking. What about insensitivity and misdirection?
The general attitude of imperialism is a structure. It is obvious what it aims for. There has been a process in the Middle East for a century, starting with British imperialism.
The dimensions of this process are multifaceted. First of all, World War I is the great war of excluding Muslims.
The conflict between the French and the British in the region is a war for their share and cake.
The Great Ottoman Empire should have collapsed. The only way to collapse the State was to racially pit Muslims against each other, fragment them, separate them, and alienate them.
Some of the thoughts and ideas that have recently been put forward regarding Palestine are not a surprise to us.
It is not, because just as the Unionist racist and Turkist spirit pioneered the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, this approach is still taken in the same manner today. The only way for the Islamic nation to disintegrate is to pit Muslims against each other.
They look at the world with the perspective of Falih Rıfkı Atay, one of the pioneers of the Unionist and racist spirit, in his work titled Mount of Olives.
No emphasis is placed on Cemal Pasha's execution of Muslim Arab pioneers in Syria, his pressure on them, and his forced Turkist education on the Arab people. This is one of the beginnings of the hatred of the Arabs.
Lütfü Akdoğan has a work called Sara. No one knows the information about MOSSAD agent Sara Aarahsohn, who entered Cemal Pasha's harem in Syria and conveyed military secrets, information and documents to British soldiers in the Mediterranean.
This trap that the racist Committee of Union and Progress fell into, or the cooperation with them, caused the Arabs to drift away.
The event we described above is the beginning of the occupation of Palestinian lands. It caused the loss of the canal war. This is a versatile move.
On the one hand, it is to separate Muslims, to start the process of destruction of the State, and to occupy and exploit the region. It is a plan to capture the Mosul and Kirkuk oil basins.
When this plan was realized, a delegation from Istanbul took Cemal Pasha to the center and Sara was arrested. She asks for permission to fulfill her last wish, which is granted, and Sara enters a brewery and commits suicide.
Lütfü Akdoğan's work was published, Cemal Pasha's heirs had it confiscated by court order. Lütfü Akdoğan gave the publishing rights of the work to one of our publishing houses, but unfortunately it was not published. The heirs we are talking about are Cemal Pasha's grandson, journalist Hasan Cemal, and others.
Academics, military personnel, and journalists who speak badly on television constantly mislead people by creating influence on social media. A propaganda is being made that affects all segments of society.
The lands of this oppressed people have been occupied. Not too long ago, it was reported that at one point during the Russia-Ukraine war, six hundred thousand Jews were taken to Palestine. Israeli Zionist Jews continue to expand their settlement areas and occupy Palestinian homes, lands and lands.
The maps of the occupation process of the Palestinian geography are obvious. When you look at the areas that have been sold, you can see how few there are. The remaining parts are completely occupied.
The just struggle and efforts of the Palestinian people are discredited, and these people are presented as terrorists. The dead of the Muslim Palestinian people remain silent. A city is being destroyed without discriminating against women, children, elderly or civilians. For some reason, what they do is not wanted to be seen, their rightness is felt.
This attitude of MOSSAD and supporters of Western imperialism is not strange. Because they have the same soul. Their fanaticism is never wanted to be known or seen. Children of Jews who fled Israel wear kippahs on their heads. Those with MOSSAD spirit are obsessed with the children taking Quran lessons in our country. Human is a value, we do not discriminate. However, Jewish kippah-on children are much more valuable to them.


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