Ali Haydar Haksal: "New human type in the new era"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "New human type in the new era"
Date: 22.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on new era. Here is the full article.

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There is a new process after the pandemic. Human relationships are increasingly distant, that is, distant and cold. Every individual in the family, starting from childhood, is in contact with each other, in warmth and density. The current of love consists not only of words but also from behavior patterns and hugs to each other. It develops intensely with their inner world loaded with love.
People's distance from each other brings both coldness and hatred. Coldness, lack of contact, immunity makes people almost robot. The strongest aspect of those who love and connect is that they hug each other. In the tradition of Muslims, doing musafaha brings a completely different affinity. Love surrounds people from head to toe.
Verbal and symbolic love and demonstrations do not catch people from within. It remains cold and virtual. Man wants to see, hug and talk in person. When these are alone, they provide a deep formation. There is no musafaha in cold societies. It is passed over by greetings from a distance. Life creates such a passed plane.
In the past, a bond with our distant relatives was formed by correspondence. It does not exist today. Everything is virtual and everything is making and everything is robotic. Love ties with those who are already far away are completely severed over time. Anyone who leaves his village, city, or country ends up with his relations and love bonds with his relatives. “Oh, we had a brother there” or “a relative”. These are erased from memory and completely forgotten.
What comes to our mind, is this new period systematic or fictional? These things come to mind naturally. There is such a danger in this new period. With virtual fictions, the correspondence of a few words with the phones on hand is gradually becoming commonplace and slack. Always the same expressions, not new words, getting used to meaninglessness. Even if someone says "I love you" to another thousand times, this word becomes so meaningless and ordinary. The real love is the relationship of people with each other, eye to eye, mood at the moment when words come out of the mouth. This is how the inner world of love gains such depth. When they are mutual, there is an excitement and a vibration in a person and this corresponds with both the eye and the facial expression. The person's face turns red and changes.
For a year, after the epidemic, there has been a cooling in people's relationships with each other. So much so that they can no longer see each other. In family relationships, children worry about their fathers getting the virus. They pass by from afar without hugging, kissing or touching each other.
How does this new type of person think and understand what? With the loss of the mood called the language of love, a cold human world is formed. He stands apart like the plague. Human love does not turn into excitement.
What is the effect of conferences over the virtual world on people, what kind of traces do they leave? For now, these are limited to just performing a task. We can also say that. Student-teacher relationship develops mutually in the classroom. Love and devotions are formed. Or there may be divergences. It is due to the direct human relations.
The era of robotic people alien to each other. Ordinary words such as "Hmm, yes yes" have a place in people's lives. Not even the need to speak.
It opens up words in the tradition of conversation. Each of the members of the assembly participate according to their situation. If the assembly has a sage, he chats. With a sincere warmth, not imperative. Those in the assembly ask questions about the issue they are stuck with, do not understand or want to explain. Parents and wise people speak the language that every person understands, and does this in its own nature. Each person takes different inferences and feeds on his own. The behaviors and speeches of the elders in the family are sometimes like advice due to their nature. Besides, one keeps away from what is commanded and harshly expressed. The new era has such a cold language. Even if we say mute, it is the place. Neither body language, verbal language, nor love language will be effective. Love and longing come together and hug each other. The language of love is gradually lost. It is going to a cold period.


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