Ali Haydar Haksal: "Power and balance"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Power and balance"
Date: 21.8.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on world politics. Here is the full article.

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Imperialism turned Middle East region into chaos with the Arab Spring hype. That didn't stop and it continues. It won't end for a long time. In general, it is just a clash of the strong and the weak.
They are the dominants who provide the balance.
Countries belonging to the Islamic nation have intense clashes and internal conflicts. The cliffs are getting deeper. On the other hand, the oil country Arabs have cooperation and solidarity with Israel. Egypt-Israel, Egypt-Greece relations, Egypt-Abede closeness and responsibility. Egypt is in an important region. Buffer zone between North Africa and other Muslim countries. In a sense, Egypt was neutralized after the Arab Spring. The Egyptian-Libya conflict has become increasingly apparent.
It should be noted that the relations of the UAE country with Israel and the fact that other Arab countries are on a similar path. Fear and encirclement drag them.
Turkey-Syria issue continues to deepen. We are tied in the south. Although it looks frozen for now, Israel's attacks on Syria are not interrupted every second.
The explosion in Beirut cannot be ignored as a simple event. A country that seemed quiet and calm was suddenly destroyed. It fell behind.
Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Syria, tensions with other Arab countries also annoying.
The Northern Mediterranean is a problem in itself. The cooperation of countries such as the EU, Abede and Egypt cannot be ignored.
The situation of neighboring countries directly affects us.
A nation's survival requires a healthy thinking. Emotions are important, of course. However, emotions cannot cover the truth. The consequences of enough glamor and excessive emotional intensity since the Arab Spring period are already clear. We do not want to go back to the thoughts of those days. The facts may hurt us, but they are not something to be ignored.
A similar situation is developing in an exaggerated way in Libya today. Libya is primarily under the control of Abede, France and Italy. Muslims are more comfortable when fighting among themselves. What happens is to Muslims. Imperialism is not in vain, it is cautious. It takes strength and unity to make their games empty.
The disorganization of Muslims is the biggest problem of Muslims. It is difficult to find a way out unless they are together. There is no other option but to get neighboring countries closer. Of course, this seems very difficult in this environment. The important thing is to be able to overcome the difficulties.
Relationships require calmness. Heroic pride hurts. Western countries look out for each other. EU countries stand by Greece in any case. They make this attitude clear. Mobbing against them is just an emotional gratification.
The developing relations with Iran are pleasing. Good relations with Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan are important, but they are far from us. Syria, on the other hand, is a dead end. Neither Abede nor Russia want the relations to improve. Their strife is to get their share from the regions. Of course, the big share is Israel-oriented with Abede. Israel is completely relieved after the latest developments in the region. It keeps its feet firmly occupied and occupies the environment.
EU countries also benefit partially as in the case of Libya. After the Libyan invasion, some of the Libyan oil was shared between France and Italy. The Libyan people, on the other hand, are being devastated and falling into each other by internal conflicts.
The priority of Muslims is to create unity. At least the existing D-8 can be revived. But imperialism does not allow this. Zatın Egypt is out of the circuit. Other countries are also not comfortable with imperialism.


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