Ali Haydar Haksal: "Pragmatism"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Pragmatism"
Date: 27.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on pragmatism. Here is the full article.

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I do not like and embrace speaking and writing in non-Turkish concepts. I take care of this in my writing life. In a way, I do not interest in the concepts that are not in Turkish or in my language of speech. I care about the language I speak. This is seen in my nearly forty-five published works.
I rarely use some concepts because of the irony and sometimes the necessity of their definition or emphasis. Pragmatism is one of them.
Talking with foreign concepts carries a bit of a complex. It creates a sense of superiority over someone. When written and spoken like that, some see themselves in a higher position.
We can simply say pragma is self-interest, self-interest. This includes not just a sense of interest but other things. Political pragmatism is everyday situations arising from changing conditions. We can define it as chameleoning, albeit a little rough. Color and change according to conditions and situations. Saving the pleasure outweighs the situation. It is brought to say, "Actually, I am not that". It is not clear which person is. Is it the other, which one?
Being honest, continuing your way without changing your way and principle is a personality, a difficult personality. A journey with challenges. Moves that are in the interests of the people and in the interests of one's own are sometimes effective.
Life is built on truths, and that's how it starts. In the naivety of childhood and youth. In the future, when one begins to look at the self-centered life, more interests outweigh. This concerns only the self, not others, rather than principles. Man always needs man. This is mandatory in all circumstances and situations.
In the ups and downs of a long journey, the permanence and originality of human personality remains special. It glorifies the person in real life and in the future.
Pragma keeps people alive, appears and known as they are, even temporarily when they are strong. How long will this take? It declines with the decrease in power and reputation. This is because it sometimes acts according to the conditions of the time. Or even if such a life is a choice, it weakens the personality of the person and damages his reputation. It is not clear when one is strong, but later on, he is known or lived as a disreputable personality.
Reliability and security bring dignity for human beings. There are some personalities that never overshadow them. They don't have a tainted past. They are respected as long as they can protect themselves and their consistency. This may not be apparent during short and fluctuating periods. The truth is that it is the maintenance and maintenance of personality with integrity that is permanent.
Personality, unreliability, chameleon is also a personality. It is a very common situation among humanity. It is much more dominant, especially under the rule of secularization and the spirit of capitalism. Because capitalism is very cruel. The rules of the system are also based on interest. Unfair gain and cruelty constitute the essence of this system.
It forms the self-interested and heavy self of the person. But this will never have a permanent reputation for the future in life.
The conditions of the day, the lifestyle and the experiences are challenging. It affects a lot. Once a mistake is made, mistakes continue. A structure built on mistakes will never produce a healthy result.
Those interested in politics are literally pragmatists, as today's political structures do not entirely coincide with the values ​​and beliefs of the people. They still go from color to color. The special position of this building is that it is on the "moon". This is a situation that actually damages or injures the personality.
Considering the difficulties, protecting the real personality and ensuring that it is reliable and confident is the gain of people. A Muslim's responsibility is also trustworthy and reliable.


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