Ali Haydar Haksal: "Seeds of goodness and beauty"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Seeds of goodness and beauty"
Date: 2.9.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on goodness. Here is the full article.

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Evil and enormity are satanic, the devil's work. It is man's predicament and sin. Satan symbolizes evil. It represents the sin and evil side of the human being, directs and turns people.
The image of the devil is the evil symbol of religions and cultures. The symbol of evil that distracts and deviates people from their main theme. Demons are in great activity.
Too much evil is pouring in. Humanity has gotten into each other to the utmost. Especially Muslims. Muslims enjoy fighting each other, killing and pushing each other into the abyss. They deepen their excuses. They make things easy for demons. Sometimes they fulfill his duty voluntarily.
They almost fulfill what the devil could not have thought of. It must not be as dangerous as the demonization of man. His duty is to shed blood, to drag people to disasters, to lead people to sins, to make them do whatever negativity there is...
We are going through the days in which Muslims, especially, take harams and prohibitions into their lives and internalize them.
Each culture has its own perspective. According to Islamic belief, thought and belief, every evil is a devil, it is the duty of Satan. There are ways and rules to avoid it. Especially in the Islamic beliefs, he approaches the nature of life and people's temperaments. Who can lift and carry what and how, that method goes. It is beneficial to keep the person away from the burden and responsibility that cannot be carried.
Goodness and beauty cannot be competed, but lived. Whoever experiences goodness and beauty, this is primarily one's own gain. This is not limited to itself, it also affects its surroundings and is reflected.
To stay away from Satan and his actions is the main task of man, his view of life. Stay away from all kinds of sins. Avoiding, avoiding and avoiding all situations and situations that may cause persecution to others.
If the solidarity of people is about beauty and goodness, if this spreads, that environment will find peace. If there is restlessness, there are problems. Demons exceedingly do their job.
Muslims are our special area, especially humanity. It is our duty to avoid the problems they are in and every situation that causes them, to solve the problems, to open the field of beauty and goodness. We are active with our words and writings. We are obliged to open up and develop the good road.
The beliefs and acceptance of Muslims is a belief and necessity. However, the efforts of demons do not find it difficult to draw them in their own direction and path. Haram is not avoided. There is a race to persecute people.
There is a brutal pressure, people cannot breathe. These are not an effort to avoid evil. He avoids winning over people, traveling together and walking. The ways to be together make it difficult. Dead endings and gaps are being enlarged.
To record the goodness and beauty of the angels on the shoulders of the Muslims and the opposite of this, the evil and sins. The work of the angels on the left shoulder is very intense and difficult. This is because the hostility of Muslims to each other has peaked today. There is blood flowing, extortion and theft. The rights of others are never respected. There is competition in wrong and evil. Each individual is a racer of the materialist understanding, capitalism. He has committed himself to nourish this insatiable mountain.
To do the opposite, to compete in goodness in beauty. To scatter beauty pearls with concrete analogy, to sprinkle their seeds without waiting for results. Good words, deeds, helping each other step by step, each good step is to turn towards the future and to stay away from devils. People become permanent with their good deeds. They compete in goodness and beauty with intensifying the work of the angel on their right shoulders. People are beautiful and auspicious with their beauty. It is the responsibility of the believer.


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