Ali Haydar Haksal: "Surrounded minds"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Surrounded minds"
Date: 25.11.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on Muslims and our region. Here is the full article.

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Political discourses of political structures stifle thought. It does not give the opportunity to think of a loud or loud environment. If the sound itself is not watching in its original environment, the style that puts someone else under pressure does not allow anyone else to think about it. Today's nationalism does not give an opportunity to anyone other than itself. It contains a single glance. A view with narrowed space.
A nation in general is not included in this acceptance. Some are superior and privileged, some are naturally other. In another way, it is an excluded subculture. The priority of "brotherhood" in Muslim societies is a religious unity regardless of its race, color or ancestry. This unity has a special place for non-people who are in the same circle of civilization. They are not the other. All people living in the last Islamic state, the Ottomans, are equal in terms of justice and rights. Armenians, widespread in Anatolia, had properties and operated as they wanted. They had churches and prayed. Similar situation is valid for others. Greeks, Assyrians, Jews and many more.
In a society that is Muslim in appearance, not everyone is in the same position. Because apart from being a Muslim, race stands out more. Religion is not a top culture but a subculture. "Turkey belongs to the Turks," the Hurriyet newspaper's logo, located under the Turkish flag. Accordingly, there is only one race, and that is the Turks. other races within the borders of Turkey must be Turkish, or is difficult to accept. Jews in particular have a definition for themselves in this sense: "Turkish Jews." With this, they keep themselves in the privileged group.
Arabs are already treacherous and backstabbers since the Committee of Union and Progress. Those living in this geography inevitably see themselves in this group.
Circassians are also in the group of betrayers. They too, in the past, the singularity of the political power gives them no place.
The existence of Kurds, even if they are crowded, are wild. They belong to mountain culture. They are the servants of the British, as the reason for what happened in the past.
British imperialism has always played multiple. He does not play for a group, a cut. He has a triple view during the War of Independence. It plays both to the sultan, to the Greeks and to those in the National Struggle. Whoever wins, he wins again.
Our main future cannot come to the subject. Word opens and takes away.
The separation of Muslims, who are the elements of the Islamic nation, makes it compulsory for their mental world to focus somewhere. When it is said that "Turks have no friends other than Turks", non-Turks are not friends. Since religion is a subculture here, it doesn't mean anything that other elements are Muslim. When the general understanding is built on this, the Turks have a special credo. Creeds of Islam have no meaning or value. We are not going to list the items here. When considered, substances come into being spontaneously. In mentally besieged, this area is mine and can never be entered. Nobody can find the modern forms of worship strange. He cannot even say words.
Muslim Turks have done a great service to Islam in history. As in other communities. They are respected for these services. However, Gagauz people, Karaim Turks, Hungarians, Bulgarians are of Turkish ancestry, some of them are Christian and some of them belong to Jewish culture. If we narrow the field and turn inward, there are atheist Turks, rightists, leftists, Kemalists, conservatives and Christians who already exist. A mess arises here. They do not form a politically defined aggregate. The location of each group is different. There is a "chameleon nationalism" defined by Ufuk Özkırıkmlı. This is so dominant that it does not allow anyone to think differently. With the dominance of the Jacobin conception, its opponents are digested. Nobody even dares to look left or right.


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