Ali Haydar Haksal: "The way out of fleeing violence"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "The way out of fleeing violence"
Date: 8.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on violence and humans. Here is the full article.

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If a nation moves away from its own values, it will be influenced by other thoughts and lifestyle. Identifying the ever-increasing violence with tradition, with the belief of the Muslim community, has no equivalent today. Although our nation is Muslim, is it compatible with the Muslim spirit in terms of thinking and way of life? This question should be asked. The problem is that today's way of thinking is completely un-Islamic.
A ruthless life habit, consumption ambition and hunger, advertising and the provocation of the media drive you away from yourself. The material gap between people affects their spiritual aspects. The lack of spirituality is increasingly pushing people into the abyss. Every situation affects and triggers each other.
The consumption society, the insatiability of the people, the inability to meet the demands cause unrest. The decrease in incomes and the increase in expenses cause the balances to be missed.
Societies or countries without production consume what others produce. This causes the lack of employment. So unemployment is increasing.
Productive societies are on the move. Productive people are always busy, they do not have free time. The density of consumers and unemployed people drives people to a state of insanity.
People are impatient and nervous. The gulf of the capitalist structure, of the soul, between the masses causes anger from below and from within. What is forbidden from people's spiritual deprivation is meaningless in today's conditions. Earning money through haram is a preference in this structure. Theft, fraud, purse-snatching behavior and lifestyle have become a profession. The way to earn a lot is through interest, haram, usurpation and eating truth. Nobody cares about my haram.
The most sensitive of humanity are women, children and the elderly. The woman may be insufficient in self-defense. Those who can defend are very few.
The structure slides into such a plane that the family structure is undergoing a great shock. It looks like it will get deeper from now on. The woman is literally provoked as the opposite being. For many days, those who use violence against women have been provoked to leave their homes for girls and women. In fact, the "leave the father's house" campaign has been started and is being processed intensively. These are a new abyss that will cause the chaos to grow and become more intractable. When women leave their homes and are left on the street, there is a perception that women will regain their freedom.
The problem is the gap capitalism creates. Endless hunger and insatiability of consumption. Insatiability is not only material but also spiritual. Sexual hunger, woman's trap of advertising and fame as an object.
Social media makes one side of life attractive. It disrupts the balance of families. Girls are captured and leaving their homes. They fall into the traps of the profiteers. There are very few people who can capture the defined life, the luxury that catches the fame. It may be equivalent to those who can achieve fame.
It is more real than the facts that this nation can find peace with the belief and life of Islam in its entirety. No matter what is done in a capitalist, selfish, selfish and ruthless life, peace cannot be found, in general terms. This life is only for a certain minority. Capitalism is a system without solidarity, neighbor rights, no understanding of charity and fertility. Capital and power holders have every opportunity. Societies with interest never find peace. If the wealth level is below average, this life and lifestyle will be much more brutal.
Islam balances people's life order in every aspect. The extremes force people. This is called "overdoing" and "understatement". This is the abyss of humanity. So is thought. It pushes people to ruthlessness. The forbidden and prohibitions defined by Islam are against humanity. Barriers with laws are not working. Saying "no to violence" for some reason does not decrease, it increases gradually. The problem is big and multifaceted. The result is only living in a spiritual lifestyle. Don't live in a Muslim way.


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