Ali Haydar Haksal: "West and Man"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "West and Man"
Date: 27.6.2022 13:30

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on West. Here is the full article.

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When viewed from the West in terms of value, human beings are divided into classes and strata. The priority is their own race. Racial supremacy is a principle without borders.
Those who are outside of themselves are a subclass to them, no matter what. It is not even seen as a human being. In order to understand this, some events clarify the situation. At the moment of this writing (26.06.2022), according to the first determinations from the immigrants going to their country in Spain, nearly 40 people who crossed the barriers were killed by the police. The information that the Spanish Prime Minister congratulated the policemen who killed the immigrants. We do not mind this. After the Renaissance, the West put man in the place of god. In other words, he eliminated metaphysics and deified the superiority of his own people with reason and science. It also produced ideologies.
"Humanism", we insistently emphasize from time to time, is only for itself, that is, for Western people, both on a philosophical and sociological level.
The sense of contempt of our own people will be a bit heavy, but the sense of slavery and admiration for the West ignores such situations. When we say our own people, we mean those who are devoted to Western thought with their souls and hearts, not the general population. The foresight and intuition of our people is above this.
In our thought life; This, even the view of Rumi and Yunus, the love and compassion of scientists, who are blind to the West, were evaluated within a "humanist" phenomenon. This is still going on.
The basic point of view of those who are caught in the spirit of the West in ideological understanding goes beyond this. There is such a thing as not being able to realize even one's own civilization and human value. In this context, while the issue of immigration is persistently on the agenda, the "Arab" in Syria, "Afghan" or "Pashtu" in Afghanistan are the lower classes with the sense of racial superiority arising from this disease from the West. The fact that the people they exploited due to certain necessities and even the colonists are immigrants and their search for sustenance are also handled with the concept of "racial" superiority.
On the one hand, the West sees what man sees good for himself, and himself for others.
When it comes to Moroccans killed in Spain, only the economic difficulties and the suffering they experience from the fact that their country is still exploited is never talked about.
When France produced a vaccine during the pandemic process, the authorities expressed the idea that these drugs should be applied to African blacks first. It is known that drugs are first administered to animals, namely monkeys and mice, and they are used as subjects. The Western spirit sees the rest of them in the same position.
The West sees others in the same position as long as they are at their service. This is a general understanding.
Our people working in European countries are satisfied with their situation as they are more comfortable and more prosperous in their living conditions. The West is also happy with it. The situation changes when it comes to having a say, coming to a certain place and even participating at a high level. Then action is taken now.
They are used there until the pulp of our outgoing workers comes out. When they reach a certain age, they do not have any weight. If their children do not assimilate in the process of reaching a certain place, problems begin. If they assimilate and transform, that's okay too. The real problem starts with having a voice and authority and making its effects clear.
After exploiting not only the resources of the American and Western imperialist countries, but also the human labor, it does not leave them any space and right to live. Since the colonies are binding, the exploitation wheel continues. The people of this country now feel the need to take shelter somewhere. The West, on the other hand, does not give them the right to live. Victim communities also suffer when they stay in their countries. Westerners don't care.


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