Amedspor divided the government into two

Amedspor divided the government into two
Date: 9.3.2023 12:30

The tension in the weekend match between Bursaspor and Amedspor spread to politics.

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While the People's Alliance side is divided on this issue, the Eastern and Southeastern region deputies of the AK Party say that the ugly events in question affected the regional politics, and the statement of MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli about Amedspor disturbed the citizens in the region.
While some deputies and party staff among the People's Alliance parties expressed their discomfort due to the match, MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli's congratulations to Bursaspor and its supporters caused reactions.


Undesirable images and events in the match played between Bursaspor and Amedspor also disturbed the Eastern and Southeastern deputies within the AK Party.
AK Party deputies express their regret that President Erdogan and the party's top staff did not react to this issue, while they say that citizens in their constituencies react to them because of this issue.
The AK Party staffs, especially the MHP leader Bahçeli's statements, "For us, there is no place like Amed, we cannot talk about Amedspor," expressed a wide repercussions in the region.


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