America's sanction threatens, its aid hurts…

Americas sanction threatens, its aid hurts…
Date: 16.10.2019 18:40

As soon as our troops stepped into the Syrian territory for Operation Peace Spring, anxious waiting began inside. We listened to the sounds of economic sanctions coming from the US for days and waited anxiously for days.

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"Confessions of an Economic Trigger Man"is one of the most read books in Turkey as well. The author, John Perkins, describes himself as “ET”, or “Economic Trigger”. The book Confessions of an Economic Trigger describes how they exploited countries, seized economies; which methods they use and how they make a country dependent. In his book, the economic trigger Perkins explains how they tricked heads of state, how they imposed wrong economic policies on managers that would lead countries to economic destruction, and how they trapped the borrowing trap, one by one. Not a novel, not a dream; concrete names, concrete events, confessions and revealed facts ...


If I quote a paragraph from the preface of the book, you will understand what I mean:

“This is one of the best things we ETs do: to build a global empire. We are an elite group that uses international financial institutions to create conditions that compel other nations to submit to the companyrocry (which manages our largest companies, government, and banks), and like our counterparts in the mafia, we do 'goodness': These are usually infrastructure (power plants, highways, ports, airports).”


Pay attention, even one paragraph of John Perkins gives enough information about the global economic terrorist organization that seizes economies and exploits countries. “We ETs don't carry swords, we don't wear armor or clothing that separates us from others, Perkins describes the Economic Trigger.The reason for me to remind the book of Confessions of an Economic Trigger, to make these excerpts, is that Trump, America's economic sanction threats during the Operation Peace Spring…

First, let's ask our question to fully understand the nature of the threat:

What is this “economic sanction"?

Economic sanctions, like global terrorist organizations, are a foreign policy instrument. It is not implemented by economic necessities but by the requirements of diplomatic and foreign policy. It is an instrument as effective as a weapon, especially on countries with dependent economies. Economic sanctions hurt more than diplomatic pressure. It is a relief of the embargo… It is sometimes used to avoid the need for war, but sometimes it is activated as a preparation for a war. It is a tactic of war that America often uses in today's world. Like the terrorist organizations, economic sanctions are another “bat’ of America. Economic sanctions imposed on financial transactions and export / import transactions were imposed for countries such as Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Syria. Today, as economic pressure referenced weapons for Turkey it emerges.


As soon as our troops stepped into the Syrian territory for Operation Peace Spring, anxious waiting began inside. We listened to the sounds of economic sanctions coming from the US for days and waited anxiously for days. I wonder what America will announce economic sanctions for Turkey. We did not give the possibility of failure of our soldiers, we did not have a serious concern, but we were worried about every explanation coming from America.

Have you tried to understand first? What's America saying? What's Trump saying? Trump is making various statements. He both accolades, justifies Turkey and threatens it in the same sentence.With the Pentagon and the deep American bureaucracy, Trump said different things, stood in separate places. Sun was up in the America when it is late in Turkey and we were waiting for Trump's tweets as the sun came up.

As soon as the operation started, we did two things. First we prayed to our soldier. Then we sit down and start waiting for the sanction America will approve for Turkey. Our economists, markets, media and, of course, country executives… In fact, this expectation was both the indicator and the result of our distrust in our economy.

Trump was accustoming us to economic sanctions with his explanations and tweets. A certain sanction would come, I wonder what the size, what would be the sanction of violence? .. Unfortunately, we even accepted the economic sanction of the United States of intimidation ... We were not very angry with America ... Perhaps the more severe economic sanction decisions in America, ' Everybody had to be meticulous about the exits that would annoy him.

"I'm going to ruin it" he said, "I'm going to ruin it" Trump said. Allied American President himself publicly in the level of Turkey and was threatening our people. The threat was not only the interstate threat, the intergovernmental threat, but our people, who were the real interlocutors of economic sanctions. It's like America's natural right to beat us in this way. They also helped us with joint projects such as educate and donate, and they set the YPG against us.

We have a very helpful America!


America was going to ruin our economy… Wasn't it already busy ruining it? Let us fear America's economic sanctions as well as its help. Let us not only worry about America's political enmity but also its political and diplomatic friendships. Our real crisis is America within us…

Actually, I am telling you about the necessity to carry out the similar operation of the Peace Spring which we started against terrorism in the economic field.

We cannot plant; we import our straw-wheat and meat. We do not produce! We can not build! There is an economic terror that has affected the whole surface of the country and has been deployed at all levels of our economy. Economic sanctions have now matured the reasons for an economic liberation operation. It is time for us to launch operations against the “Economic Trigger” America within us.

(Milli Gazete - Mustafa Kurdaş)


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