Another scholar martyred in prison in East Turkestan

Another scholar martyred in prison in East Turkestan
Date: 6.12.2018 15:00

Abdul Karim Abdul Wali, a well-known scholar of East Turkestan, who had been kept in the Chinese dungeons for 28 years, was martyred.

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East Turkestan Maarif Association Chairman Hidayet Oguzhan announced that Abdul-Mahdi (Kirem Qari) one of the well-known scholars of East Turkestan has been martyred in a Chinese prison.
Stating that his brother who lives in Sweden has confirmed the death of Abdul Wali, Oğuzhan said: "Kirem Qari, one of the religious scholar, was arrested in 1990 and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. After 12 years held in prison, his life in prison was lawfully extended and held in a one-man dark ward."
After 28 years in prison, his brother Muhammad Amin Abdul Wali, who lives in Sweden, has confirmed the news that he was martyred in Chinese dungeons.
Stating that scholar, Abdul Wali initiated a serious awakening movement in 1990 among youth people and throughout the country in order to claim material and spiritual values, Oğuzhan continued: "His training and work had gathered acceptance and appreciation from every part of the population in a short time."
Increasing respect and love among the people towards the great scholar Abdul Karim Abdul Wali disturbed the Chinese government, said Oğuzcan. "Although his work was completely peaceful and scientific, the occupying Chinese government sentenced him to 12 years in prison after being arrested and accused of separatism on May 16, 1990."
"However, despite the completion of this 12-year sentence, it has been continuously extended and he was imprisoned until today."
The East Turkistan Diaspora has conducted studies at the UN for the release of Abdul Karim Abdul-Wali.
The captivity of Abdul Wali was raised on the platforms such as in the meetings of the human rights watchdog, the UN Human Rights Commission and on the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.
In addition, Amnesty International declared the month of April 2014 as 'Abdul Karim Abdul Wali'.
"The silence of the Islamic world encourages China's state terror"
Oğuzhan stated that many great scholars, academicians, scientists, famous businessmen, and artists were martyred in the dungeons by the Chinese in the past year. "The silence of the Islamic world gives more encouragement in the murder and state terrorism that China is carrying out in East Turkestan."
In the last 2 years, 5 scholars have been martyred in Chinese dungeons
Previously, the Islamic scholars of East Turkistan, Abdul Hamid Damolla, Abdul Ahad Mahdum, Muhammad Salih Damolla, and Abdul Rashid Hacim were martyrs in various Chinese prisons.
Abdul Karim Abdul Wali was the fifth scholar who had been martyred by the Chinese state in the past two years.


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