Anthrax is spreading in Turkey

Anthrax is spreading in Turkey
Date: 12.9.2018 15:00

In Turkey, anthrax cases is increasing day by day. The day we passed after Ankara, Sivas, Silivri and Bitlis, 2 neighborhoods in Kayseri were taken into anthrax quarantine.

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Kayseri Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Clean, said that the necessary measures for anthrax were taken and controls were continuing. Kayseri Veterinary Chamber President Akgün Ergül said that the veterinarians in the last 6 months have been canceled, adding, "As a result of this, imported animals selected abroad go to the country without control of the veterinarian."
In Kayseri, anthrax quarantine is applied in the district of Büyüktuzhisar and the town of Pınarbaşı in Üçpınar Mahallesi. Kayseri Veterinary Chamber President Akgün Ergul, anthrax due to the disease in Bünyan and Pinarbasi 2 regions were quarantined açıkladı. Ergül stated that the animals were started to be vaccinated and the veterinarians in our Provincial Directorate of Agriculture immediately quarantined those regions.
President Ergül said that the appointment of veterinarians in the last 6 months has been canceled. "It is very difficult to diagnose this in the discourse that anthrax disease comes from imported animals. The important thing here is the fudge; Our Ministry has been canceled the assignment of our veterinarian friends in our camps for the past 6 months, especially in animals selected from abroad. As a result, imported animals that are selected abroad are entering the country without the control of the veterinarian."
Kayseri Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Deputy Ayhan Temiz, said that the necessary measures for anthrax were taken and the controls were continuing. Expressing that the anthrax incidents were encountered in Punjabi and Bünyan provinces as a result of the notifications, Clean said, "Our teams have acted after the notices and have made necessary interventions. We are currently launching a quarantine in the Pınarbaşı district of Üçpınar neighborhood and the district of Büyükşuzhisar district of the district of Bünyan. We lived it in the last week" he said.
Kayhan Duman, who said that 10 animals were killed in Üçpınar Mahallesi bound to Pinarbasi district, said "They came from the County Directorate of Agriculture 10 days ago and got blood samples. We did not get any results. I brought a private vet a week later when one more animal was wasted. He was able to persuade the authorities of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture after 4 days. The village is now under quarantine. We bury dead animals. Procedures are heavy. About two months ago, animals died. Because my animals were separate, my animals were infected 10 days ago. We are confident that the anthrax is here, and we expect authorities to move faster" he said.


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