Arrangement of bankruptcy concern in privatization!

Arrangement of bankruptcy concern in privatization!
Date: 28.12.2018 16:00

It was learned that the companies that bought the sugar factories asked to meet President Erdoğan for the postponement of the privatization payments.

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Ilgın, Yozgat and Burdur sugar factories buyers can not find the source of the tender is canceled, while the transfer of the Afyon, Corum, Bor, Kirsehir, Elbistan, Erzurum, Erzincan, Muş and Alpullu sugar factories are experiencing the concern of companies of arrangement of bankruptcy
The privatization of the sugar factories resulted in a great fiasco. Thousands of workers in their privatized sugar factories lost their jobs, and the producer soured from beet production. The desired revenue could not be obtained from factory sales made to provide income to the government. The cancellation of the sale tender of Ilgın, Yozgat and Burdur sugar factories was welcomed by sugar workers and beet producers, and it revealed the real intention of the Privatization Administration for factories. Without any strategy, 10 factories can be transferred to the hastily sold factories, while a buyer has not been purchased, and 3 of them have been canceled because the buyers did not fulfill their obligations.
Turkey's sugar factories from the beginning of the strategic organizations 'capital adequacy and sectors' non-firm appeared to which they are sold. The beet producer was welcomed with serious grievances this year in the sugar factories sold to companies in the construction, textile and iron and steel sectors, which are not completely related to the production of beets. While Elbistan Sugar Factory was not able to deliver the beet to the factory in time due to the lack of soil to reduce the costs, the farmers were not paid the transportation money for days in Çorum.
As sugar factories were sold to companies outside the sector, these firms did not have capital adequacy. Doğuş Gıda, which bought the Yozgat Sugar Factory with the Erser-Sterk joint venture group that bought the Ilgın Sugar Factory and the Burdur Sugar Factory, could not pay the price for the factories. Despite the lack of capital adequacy of these firms, the Privatization Administration extended 5 times the duration of the tender.
In the case of the 10 sugar factories where the companies were transferred, the income expected from the privatization would not be paid to the Treasury for many years. It is emphasized that some companies can not make installment payments on time and declare bankruptcy in the factory due to the crisis they experienced.
The fact that the privatization of sugar factories resulted in a major fiasco once again revealed the right of the farmer-worker-state model. Sugar beet production, which has a say in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland that sugar production in the US by continuing with the cooperative model, this model also needs to restructure the factory in Turkey. The cancellation of the tender of the three sugar factories and the grievances experienced by the farmers in the transferred factories brought up the restructuring of the sugar factories within the body of Turkish Sugar with the farmer-worker-state model.


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