Assoc. Dr. Necmettin Caliskan: "Our Turkish House in America!"

Assoc. Dr. Necmettin Caliskan: "Our Turkish House in America!"
Date: 23.9.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Assoc. Dr. Necmettin Caliskan writes on newly opened Turkish House in United States. Here is the full article.

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One of the important agenda items of the country was the opening of the 'Turkish House' in the USA.
Of course, it may sound good at first glance, the Turkish House has been opened in America. Unfortunately, the event is not as it was presented to the public.
The pro-media, as always, presented this house as the greatest achievement of foreign policy.
Let's think about it this way: How funny would it be if the American government came and opened a building in Ankara and saw it as a great success.
What needs to be questioned here is the luxury of the building, the 291 million dollars paid for the building, so let's put it in plain language: Was it worth spending 2.5 quadrillion dollars?
First of all, why does this Turkish House exist? Who will it serve? What is its function, what is its nature? We don't know.
I wonder if our embassy in America was not enough, an additional building was needed and it was built for it?
So, how much money was spent on the opening ceremony of this house? Why did so many staff go? How many planes were there? Was this really a touristic trip? Is it planned to go shopping to malls and close stores? Or was it for a walk in Central Park? Today, to waste so much when telling people to “small the portions” is just a mockery.
While there are so many homeless and homeless people in Turkey, there are reports that there is a housing shortage in big cities, while the refugee problem is one of the most important agenda items of the country, while the inadequacies in student dormitories are on the agenda; What lofty purpose will it serve to build empty, gigantic structures on the other side of the world, the use of which is unknown, while people live beyond their capacity in prisons?
In America, did the vehicles in the magnificent convoy used by the official delegation go from here? Is it rented from there?
Also interesting are the walks of the Minister of Tourism and Trade in Central Park. I wonder if they can walk like this in any park of Ankara without protection? What message is being conveyed in this march?
Turkey has become insecure, are you doing the march in America that you cannot do here? Or was an unresponsive environment preferred because of the concerns that the people would react to the crises in the country?
In foreign policy, the phrase “My friend Biden” also looks interesting. Foreign policy doesn't work with a friend/crook relationship. In foreign policy, national interests of countries are at stake.
You saw which interests of America are in our favor and you said "my friend". What interests does America protect and become our friend?
Moreover, some time ago, some of the opposition wing accused him of collaborating with Biden. In other words, "cooperation with foreign powers" in the opinion of the opposition; Does it become "state policy" when it comes to power?
It is also interesting that the President's reception by Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu at the US airport. If this is an official visit, shouldn't it be welcomed by the relevant addressee country authorities?
Another question here is about the Chairman of the Great Union Party, Mr. Mustafa Destici. I wonder in what capacity and in what capacity did Mr. Destici participate in this trip?
We witnessed three square poses reflected in the public. The first was while he was waving on the stairs of the plane, the second was in front of a tree at the opening of the Turkish House building, and the third was after his meeting with the President.
Did they really go all the way to America to hold this meeting, because there was no environment, time and place in Turkey for Erdogan and Destici's bilateral meeting? What is the purpose of this meeting taking place there that day? It's really weird.
All these are the most obvious indications of how much the ruling party has become alienated from the situation the citizen is in, and that it has no ties to the country.


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