Banditry strategy

Banditry strategy
Date: 11.6.2019 12:00

While the US drawing the map which is getting over the rights of Turkey, the Greeks had issued an arrest warrant our staff to ship the Fatih.

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The international consortium supported by the Greeks attempted to hijack Turkey's rights in the Mediterranean, of which drilling operations in the Eastern Mediterranean Fatih ship personnel and Turkey Petroleum officials of the companies cooperating with the Corporation also issued international arrest warrants for 25 people, among them. Turkey to withdraw from Cyprus, while entraining the US, threatening economic and military as "banditry strategy" of trying to make it valid.
Usurped the rights of the Turkish side of the Mediterranean that international consortium spoiled feed the Greeks, of the operating drilling in the eastern Mediterranean Fatih ship personnel and Turkey Petroleum officials of the companies cooperating with the Corporation also issued international arrest warrants for 25 people, among them. Evaluating the developments in the region, Akdeniz University, Head of the Department of State Law. Lecturer Emeten Gözügüzelli of Turkey in the region, noting that the US economic and military force that also threatened to withdraw from Cyprus as "banditry strategy," said the want to be validated.
Akdeniz University, Head of the Department of State Law. Emeten Gözügüzelli, White new East displayed in the palace Mediterranean energy field and showing the way to the transmission map specifying that does not mean that the United States accept the thesis of Turkey, "Washington administration to prevent the drilling work in the region and Turkey to force it to withdraw from Cyprus economic and threatening militarily. At the same time Bahçeşehir University of Cyprus Law of the Sea Research and Application Center, the President Emeten Gözügüzelli, Eastern Mediterranean energy fields, coastal states by some publications concerning the new map showing the way to the continental shelf and the estimated energy transmission "Turkey was recognized continental shelf, Greece is completely excluded in the form of evaluations related to the news found. Gözügüzelli, the International Energy Affairs Coordinator Amos Hochstein map commissioned by the US State Department Turkey's thesis was accepted. 'He stressed that it is read as a big mistake.
Whether a single diplomatic statement that the US administration accepted Turkey's thesis by striking Dr. Gözügüzelli, "the Washington administration contrary to prevent drilling work in the region and to force Turkey to withdraw from Cyprus threatens economic and military. This followed banditry strategy will not be accepted at the highest levels of government by the Republic of Turkey has demonstrated clearly and have been to until the whole world recently Yavuz drilling ship in the Turkish Cypriot area will start drilling activities. she said. 
Faculty Member Gözügüzelli, recalling that the presence of Turkey for sovereignty rights over maritime jurisdiction areas of priority, he continued: "These rights also apply to Cyprus. While these rights will be protected in every platform, they are stated as diplomatic in a louder voice, but they are clearly demonstrated by hydrocarbon activities and military capability. This map was created by Amos Hochstein. It was put on the table to form a vision for the US energy policy. The current situation was explained. Who is shown where, what is doing. Through the map, the Greek Cypriot Administration, oil and natural gas has been active on the coasts of Egypt, Israel and Lebanon during the last decade, some discoveries have taken place, and they have tried to illustrate export routes that could facilitate the sale of the gas to Europe.
Dr. Emete Gözügüzelli, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, there are conflicts on the maritime borders, voicing the United States is negotiating to solve the problem, he said. Palestine was included in the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Form for this purpose. Gözügüzelli said, "America's orientation to gas form as the primary strategic tool also completes its current mediator role and it is a move against Iran by completing national security issues by solving Lebanon-Israel, Israel-Palestine, Greek Cypriot Administration-Lüban maritime border issues. they want to realize. In addition to decreasing dependence on Russian gas, Iran is also wanted to break its effectiveness in the region."


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