Before reaching 2023, gasoline reached 23 TL!

Before reaching 2023, gasoline reached 23 TL!
Date: 17.5.2022 10:28

In the last few years, fuel prices have increased, with the number of days before 2023, which has been presented as a milestone for the development, and gasoline reached 23 Turkish Liras.

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Although Brent oil prices were traded at more or less the same levels, the upward trend in the dollar exchange rate returned to the citizens as a hike. There was an increase of 37 kuruş for LPG and 1,68 Turkish Liras (TL) for gasoline. After the hike, the liter of gasoline increased to 22,80 TL in Istanbul, while the liter of LPG increased from 10,93 TL to 11,30 TL. 


Gasoline prices reached 23 TL before 2023! Although there were high increases in the oil price and exchange rate, which directly affect the fuel sold in Turkey, the rise in the gasoline price went far beyond all these and tripled the liter price in 1 year. Brent oil is trading at $110 with an increase of 70 percent, while it was $65 a year ago. While the dollar rate was 8,30 TL a year ago, it has reached 15,65 TL with an increase of approximately 90 percent today. However, the increase in gasoline prices exceeded both 70 percent and 90 percent and became 220 percent. This increase could not be understood!


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