Bekir Bündoğmuş: "Is it format time for politics?"

Bekir Bündoğmuş: "Is it format time for politics?"
Date: 17.8.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Bekir Gündoğmuş writes on politics. Here is the full article.

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When we examine the transformations experienced by our political parties since we started multi-party life, we regret to see that politics has been subjected to formatting at certain intervals.
We are talking about the shaping of the internal structure that defines the leadership cadre and ideology of the parties, their relations with other parties and the level of influence throughout the country, by external intervention.
Who is doing this formatting?
I think it would be sufficient to say the officials appointed by the global rulers who hold the power of politics, capital and media.
Because it doesn't matter who is used as tongs. It is possible that the people or groups used may not even be aware of this.
During the February 28 postmodern coup process, we are witnessing how military or civilians who thought he was the guardian of the regime and who thought he was the guardian of the regime and who saved the country from the threat of reaction, became aware of Erbakan Hodja's national-patriotic stance and brought regret.
However, it was too late to regret, even though the loss was a profit. Erbakan Hodja's party was first closed, then the movement split into two or even three.
At this stage, Turkey has witnessed a new political format Toamasina with the 3 November 2002 elections. The parties with seats in the Turkish Grand National Assembly changed, the experienced politicians who came to the fore in politics were excluded from the Parliament.
If we give an example, it will be better understood what kind of formatting we are talking about.
If the Young Party had not been established shortly before the elections or had not entered the November 3 elections, parties such as DYP and MHP would have been represented in the Parliament by a narrow margin. This meant that the AK Party could not be in power alone. So maybe we would be talking about a very different political landscape today.
Again, to give a very strong example; If the CHP, which supports the lifting of Tayyip Erdogan's political ban, also stipulated to lift Erbakan Hoca's political ban, Erbakan Hodja would at least independently enter the Parliament and probably the Saadet Party would have a power that could control the AK Party in a short time.
Perhaps we would not be talking at least about the EU harmonization laws we complained about today, the support given to the invasion of Iraq.
Of course, we say that what happened, what had to be lived happened.
However, it is necessary to take enough lessons from them. Otherwise, they continue to be bitten through the same hole.
In order for our politicians not to be subjected to this formatting, they should not benefit from the formatting themselves.
The complaint of a party that came to power thanks to the formatting made yesterday is not due to its indigenous-national stance, but from knowing the end of the film.
While the American Foreign Minister and other officials are planning to overthrow and neutralize Erbakan Hodja during the February 28 process, his words "We need to support Abdullah Gül and Tayyip Erdoğan against Erbakan Hodja" still ring in our ears.
US officials in Turkey racist imperialism led initiatives shaping the course of politics is not a state secret.
The important thing is that politicians always oppose these initiatives on the ground.
Otherwise, someone will knock on your door with the "the biter gets bit" account.
While complaining about one presidential candidate of America, it is necessary to see the callousness of the political mind that embraces another.
If our politicians are positioned as "What shall we do, America is a super state, we are not capable of it", of course the politics of our beautiful country will continue to be formatted from the Oval Office.
On this occasion, I commemorate with mercy Erbakan Hodja, who is the only leader who shouted "neither to me from America" ​​from the chair of the Assembly in our 70 years of multi-party life.


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