Bitter news from onion! Prices will increase by 10 times!

Bitter news from onion! Prices will increase by 10 times!
Date: 1.11.2018 15:00

Economic crisis hits the Onions, the prices will increase by 10 times!

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Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB) in October, speaking at the ordinary parliamentary meeting of the President of the US Ali Çandır, Antalya annually 2 thousand football fields each year in the average size of 2 thousand lost the farm, he said. Evaluating the prices in agriculture, Çandır, due to the low yield of onions in August and September from the producer 1.1-1.2 TL was made from the purchase and most of the onions will increase in prices due to decay, he said. Çandır stated that they predicted the prices to increase by 10 times. Sonrası After the decay and darkening of the onions, we estimate that around 80 percent of our country has lost product. Therefore, in the middle of January and February in the middle of 8-10 TL'ye onions should not be surprised if the consumer, he said.


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