Blackwater getting ready for Syria

Blackwater getting ready for Syria
Date: 25.1.2019 13:00

Blackwater, which turned Iraq into blood lake, is now preparing for Syria.

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Blackwater, a private military security company that seized Iraq, began to rub his bloody hands for Syria. The US troops to withdraw from the region after the withdrawal from Syria, the company wants to convince Trump to launch a major traffic.
Blackwater, the private military security company that joined the invasion with the US troops in the process of the US occupation of Iraq in 2003 and announced its name with its bloody actions, has now started to be called with Syria. While the US has left its place in Blackwater after the withdrawal, the founder of the company, Erik Prince, has also been asserting ‘we are ready’ statements.


US President Donald Trump being offered a proposal from the company, a magazine on the issue of firearms shared with the title "We are coming" of a full-page statement, especially in the region of the US soldiers in the period of ISIS attacks, attracted attention. In the statements made by the company, it is emphasized that the US will be destroyed by the allies of Syria and Iran if the US does not leave their post-withdrawal places.
The company, which caused bloody scenes in the past, took part in the memory of the Middle East with the massacre in Baghdad in 2007. The name of the company, which was involved in the bloody actions in Afghanistan during the Iraq invasion, came up with the sale of weapons to the PKK terrorist organization.
As far as the company is concerned, the company's founder, Eric Prince, draws attention. A former US soldier, In addition, the company has 28,000 square meters of training in North Carolina and is the largest private training facility in the world.


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