Boycott campaign against Israel continues! Civil Servants demand a change of the payment system!

Boycott campaign against Israel continues! Civil Servants demand a change of the payment system!
Date: 12.11.2023 11:00

While Zionist Israel's brutality in Gaza continues, the boycott against organizations that support this brutality is gradually expanding. Calls are rising from many quarters for the payment system change, which is the most important effort in this field. Memur-Sen, on the other hand, demanded that the civil servant's salary be paid through TROY, the local payment system.

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Boycotts against Israel, which increases its brutality in Gaza day by day, and the organizations that support this brutality are growing.
While boycott efforts are increasing all over the world, similar efforts are continuing in our country.
It was requested that the payment system of the international organizations that provide the greatest support to the Zionist network be replaced with the local and national TROY.


Confederation of Public Workers Union (Memur-Sen), which has been working for a while for the transition to the TROY system, also brought the issue to the agenda of the Public Personnel Advisory Board.
At the meeting attended by the Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Işıkhan and the chairmen of 11 unions affiliated with Memur-Sen, Yalçın once again made a call regarding the TROY system.
At the meeting, Ali Yalçın stated that the limits of the boycott against Israel should be expanded and that the decision to turn public salary cards into TROY payment method would be appropriate.
"With the determined stance of our state and nation, many 'occupying Israeli' products are boycotted. We showed everyone that when we are united and act together, no obstacle can stand in our way. The boycott should continue and both the public and individuals should be made aware of this issue," Yalçın said.


"It is clear that the most important boycott is to replace the payment system of salary-credit cards, which are in the pockets of all individuals, from young to old, with the local 'TROY Card' against the 'imperialist and capitalist exploiters'. The priority should start in the public sector, and we state at the KPDK table that all our public officials should change their salary cards and start using the payment system as 'TROY Card', and we invite all our public officials to be sensitive on this issue," Yalçın added.


While the brutality that makes the nation's hearts bleed continues, it is eagerly awaited as to what kind of work the Ministry of Labor and Social Security will do against this request of Memur-Sen and when it will finalize the issue.


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