Brucella crisis in 'Tareks Animal Husbandry'

Brucella crisis in Tareks Animal Husbandry
Date: 6.10.2020 15:00

TAREKS Animal Husbandry, a subsidiary of Tarım Kredi, continues to be awash with the brucellosis crisis due to management weakness. Even though attempts are made to cover up the scandal caused by the Milli Gazete with the decision to block access to the news, brucella cannot be prevented in the disease-free farm.

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Milli Gazete continues to open the curtain of a great scandal in the country's livestock breeding. 
Thousands of animals go to compulsory slaughter due to brucellosis in the bee farm of Tareks Animal Husbandry, which is the subsidiary of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives for animal husbandry. 
Instead of first-class animals that go to compulsory slaughter due to the disease, animals are imported again and the livestock of the country is hit double-sided.


In the farm of Tareks Animal Husbandry in Yozgat/Boğazlıyan, 600 brood animals went to compulsory slaughter due to brucellosis disease in June, while the disease cannot be prevented in the enterprise. 
In the second blood sample taken in August, it was found that the disease this time spread to 1000 animals. First-class broodstock that were infected with the disease were slaughtered and roasted in September. While there are still nearly 2 thousand animals in the farm, blood samples will be taken again for these animals in the coming days and it will be determined whether the disease is transmitted to these animals.
Brucellosis disease in spite of the fact that no common farm animal diseases in Turkey until today had never been so high slaughtered. It is considered a great scandal that 1600 broodstock animals go to compulsory slaughter in two months in a disease-free farm due to brucellosis.


While drawing attention to the weakness of the management in the scandal, it is also meaningful that no investigation and examination has been made about the current company executives and employees. The general director of TAREKS Animal Husbandry is former AKP Deputy Adem Tatlı.
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TAREKS Animal Husbandry's claim that 50 percent of the annual profit to be obtained in addition to 1 million lira will be given to the farms rented from Dursun Akdağ, which has been on the agenda in the past with irregular loans made by Ziraat Bank, draws attention. It is noted that this profit partnership agreement, which is made in the farm in Bayramdere, is also effective in the rapid transportation of the diseased animals to the farms in Boğazlıyan. If the animals in question had not been transported, no action would have been taken as the farms in Bayramdere would be quarantined for a long time.
TAREKS Animal Husbandry General Manager Adem Tatlı denied the allegations that the animals were moved from the farm in Bayramdere to the farm in Boğazlıyan due to brucellosis. However, immediately after the general director's statement, the quarantine of the farm in Boğazlıyan was found meaningful by the District Directorate of Agriculture.


Although it is forbidden to move infected animals from one place to another and it is a great crime, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry did not carry out any investigation and investigation about the infected animal transfers between TAREKS Animal Husbandry's farms in Yozgat and Kırklareli, where the former deputy was the general manager.
In a disease-free farm, while such a high number of brood animals go to compulsory slaughter due to diseases, TAREKS also observes the management weakness in Livestock.


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