Burak Kıllıoğlu: "Tricking people"

Burak Kıllıoğlu: "Tricking people"
Date: 21.5.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Burak Kıllıoğlu writes on World War and Turkey in particular.Here is the full article.

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Germany, defeated by the first World War, which was the first sharing War, 20 years later, again and with a greater goal, it dragged the world into a great war. In the first war, the Germans who fought to get a share of the “captured” colonies by the Western invaders, and 20 years later, the “world domination”, such as a target or obsession, brought the place together. In a year or two, Germany, which had 'handled' most of Europe, including France, turned its direction to East, in other words, to Russia, by internationalizing England.
They signed a non-aggression treaty with the Russians in 1939, but they did not adhere to this treaty and opened the Russian front in the East with the paranoia of the “world empire”. This was the beginning of the end for them. Germany, which started the Operation Barbarossa against Russia in 1941, was seeking to achieve the result in a short time with the Blitzkrieg (lightning war) tactic it had implemented on the Western front.
The Germans aimed to complete the operation that started in June before winter. As a matter of fact, the German army was not prepared for the harsh winter conditions of Russia. The Panzer, one of Blitzkrieg's most important parts, would be stuck in the mud on Russia's soil roads as winter approached. The Germans, who opened the Russian front to turn the world into a Nazi empire, would find the Soviets at the gates of Berlin four years later.
Operation Barbarossa went well at the beginning. But over time the situation has reversed. The closure of the supply roads, the wide front, the incompetence and failure of the Allies, the terrible steppe cold and the resistance of the Russians to death, reversed the situation. Hitler's missteps and obsessive behavior led to the sinking of the German army into the Russian steppes. For example, the German army trapped in Stalingrad, which turned into a terrible city War, was ordered “not to retreat” persistently. The Germans, who had the chance to break out the Russian line became scattered because of Hitler's obsession. Those who tried to escape from the front were either shot or punished for disobedience. Those who could not escape were either killed by Russian bullets or because of the terrible cold.
While the German army was defeated on the Russian front, the German public was informed with the news of the victory. The Nazis' famous propaganda machine was talking about the heroism, the victories of the German army to the public. The real situation was announced only a year later.
Tricking the community may be used to manage the situation for a short period of time, but the facts appear sooner or later. A similar situation occurred in the Chernobyl case in 1986. During a midnight emergency drill at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, an explosion occurred. The explosion occurred in the reactor and the core had melted. The Soviet Union hid this from everyone for three days. The incident was presented to the public as the fire coming out on the roof.
After the explosion, the radioactive fallout spreading rapidly through the winds reached up to the Northern European countries and were recognized by the Russians and announced to the world after the Norwegian government realized the situation. 
Of course, the radioactive fallout reached Turkey. The Turkish government took the path of “hiding from the community” and “deceiving the community” with the same approach of the Soviets. Even, the Minister of Industry and Trade Cahit Aral went on television and drank tea. While trying to give the message to the community "Would we drink if there is radiation?'', the community would learn about the abnormal levels of radiation in tea and hazelnut, with Germany's warnings. Until they learned this, Fiskobirlik's remaining nuts had already been distributed to students in elementary schools. The cancer cases that erupted in the Black Sea would have emerged in the following decades.
In short, deceiving the community, lying to the community, tricking the community has never been able to cover the truth. The ambitions and obsessions of the community who take responsibility for the community are the greatest harm to the community they are responsible for at first.


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