Calculation method changed, unemployment decreased

Calculation method changed, unemployment decreased
Date: 11.3.2021 15:00

Turkey Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) adopted a new methodology in the Household Labor Force Survey as of January 2021.

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Accordingly, labor force statistics, which are published monthly as quarterly moving averages, started to be published as independent monthly estimates as of January 2021.
Accordingly, the number of unemployed people aged 15 and over across Turkey reached 3 million 861 thousand people with a decrease of 1000 people in January 2021 compared to the previous month.
Unemployment rate realized as 12.2 percent with 0.4 percentage point decrease. The unemployment rate decreased by 0.6 points compared to the same month of the previous year.
According to TURKSTAT data, which started to share labor force statistics with the new methodology, unemployment was 12.2 percent in January, while the number of unemployed was 3 million 861 thousand people.
In January, when youth unemployment was 24.7 percent, the rate of “idle workforce”, which has just started to be published, was announced as 29.1 percent.


In the said month, the unemployment rate among the young population in the 15-24 age group was 24.7 percent with a 0.7 percentage point decrease, and the employment rate increased by 0.5 points to 30.1 percent.
The labor force participation rate in this age group increased by 0.2 points compared to the previous month and reached 39.9 percent.


According to TURKSTAT data, the number of seasonally adjusted employed people increased by 822 thousand people in January compared to the previous month and reached 27 million 706 thousand people.
The employment rate also increased by 1.2 points to 43.8 percent. Labor force participation rate also increased by 1.2 points per month to 49.9 percent.
The number of people participating in the workforce increased by 821 thousand people and was recorded as 31 million 567 thousand people.


In January 2021, the idle workforce rate consisting of time-dependent underemployment, potential workforce and unemployed increased by 0.7 points compared to the previous month and became 29.1 percent.
The integrated rate of time-related underemployment and unemployed was 19.7 percent, while the integrated rate of potential labor force and unemployed was 22.5 percent.


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