Call for boycott!

Call for boycott!
Date: 12.12.2019 12:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party leader Temel Karamollaoğlu, who drew attention to the persecution of our brothers in East Turkestan, demanded a serious boycott against Chinese products.

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Felicity (Saadet) Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, made statements on the agenda at his party's weekly regular press conference. 
At the press conference held at Balgat Education Center, Karamollaoğlu made evaluations about the increasing Chinese persecution, the Nobel Prize in Literature, City (Şehir) University, East Turkestan, especially in minimum wage negotiations.
Karamollaoğlu expressed his satisfaction with the release of Furkan Foundation founder Alparslan Kuytul, and said, "We have never found the right to punish people just because he expressed his opinion on these issues and similar issues. We won't find it after that. We have always been human rights and justice-centered in approaching these events. After that, we will continue to behave like this. We are a political party that has always adopted the right to be right, to stand for justice and to defend the right of the oppressed. No matter who comes from the persecution, we will always be in the face."


Karamollaoğlu underlined that the pressure and persecution of the Chinese government in East Turkestan exceeded the limits and said, "More than 40 million people are being persecuted. Whoever expresses the persecution in East Turkestan abroad is subjected to pressure from their families. They did not create prisons, but camps surrounded by large walls. They see this as right for themselves. Apology is more than misdemeanor! They're brainwashing people there. If you aim to remove the beliefs of people from your brain, you become the most cruel country in the world. China should adopt policies according to the countries that buy their products. On the contrary, it takes an attitude towards Islam and Muslims. There is a total persecution in East Turkestan. We can't accept that. China should be lodged with the Human Rights Court. If this persecution continues, a boycott of Chinese property should be initiated. All Muslims want to apply a serious boycott against Chinese products."
"If there was a systemic increase, the minimum wage would be 4,200 TL"
Karamollaoğlu, referring to the negotiations on the determination of the minimum wage in progress, reminded that the minimum wage has always been negotiated on the hunger line. 
Karamollaoğlu, the minimum wage ‘target should be the poverty line’ statement by different circles brought to the attention of different circles, "The beginning of a promise must be listened to the end and a decision should be given accordingly. We said that within a certain period, both the government, the employers and the trade unions should put forward a process for the minimum wage to rise to the poverty line. For example, I said; if the minimum wage is increased by 7 percent each year, inflation-free wages will be doubled. In other words, starting from 10 years ago, the minimum wage would be 4,200 TL. But unfortunately no such thing has been done," he criticized.


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