Cansuyu's aid to Gaza continues

Cansuyus aid to Gaza continues
Date: 17.10.2023 10:00

While Israel's attacks against innocent people in Gaza continued, Cansuyu teams in the region continuously intensified both health and food aid. The association has recently called for "urgent aid" to citizens.

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The massacre of the Zionist network Israel against innocent Palestinians has entered its tenth day. Electricity and water supply were cut off in the Gaza Strip, which was virtually turned into an open prison. Despite all the negativities, aid activities for the oppressed in the region continue uninterruptedly.


Cansuyu's aid efforts through partner organizations in the region continue intensively. Aid teams in the region are delivering aid in many areas to Gazans who are trying to survive among the ruins.
The teams distributed food to the oppressed people in Gaza to meet their basic needs. Hot meals were also distributed at some points.


The aid activities carried out by Cansuyu Association in the region are increasingly intensifying.
In the announcement, it was stated that humanitarian aid to the region was further increased.
"We have stood by the people of Palestine and Gaza since the day we were founded, and we will continue to do so. We are intensifying our aid to our Palestinian brothers," the announcement said.


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