Caucasian Bee Sculpture has produced six kilograms of honey

Caucasian Bee Sculpture has produced six kilograms of honey
Date: 5.10.2016 14:41

Honey obtained from the seven meters tall Caucasian Bee Sculpture crafted by Yücel Üzeyir to give the world a message of peace, in Doğumlu Village of eastern Kars province

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Six kilograms of honey produced by bees will be auctioned. Two colonies of caucasian bees are producing honey in the queen bee shaped cast in Caucasian Bee Sculpture, made of 460 years old pine trees, for two years. The bees in the queen bee cast produced 5 kilograms of honey last year and six kilograms this year.

Üzeyir, auctioned the last year's harvest for 10 thousand liras and having donated, said, “Honey is an elixir of life; combined of soil, water, air, flowers and bees. For 1 gram of honey, bees visit 120 thousand flowers. Einstein said, ‘If bees extinct humanisty can only survive for four years. Without bees there won’t be flowers, animals and humans.’ I am going to action the honey and donate the income to a charity again.”
Associate Professor Erhan Gökçe from Kafkas University Veterinary Faculty pointed out the importance of producing organic honey for the region and said the sculpture of Yücel Üzeyir has raised awareness. “Thanks to the variety of the flora of the region honey is an important nutritional source in the region. Producing organic honey and geographicly indicating it will contribute to economy” he added.



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