Celebrations of Hamas’ 31st inception anniversary kick off in Gaza

Celebrations of Hamas’ 31st inception anniversary kick off in Gaza
Date: 4.12.2018 16:00

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas announced early Monday the launch of activities to celebrate its 31st inception anniversary.

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In a press conference held in front of the Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in Gaza, Hamas leader Osama al-Muzaini announced the launch of the activities arranged by Hamas to celebrate its 31st inception anniversary. The final festival will be held on December 16 in Katiba Square in Gaza.
Al-Muzaini said that this year’s celebration of Hamas’ 31st anniversary came after the Palestinian people scored a political triumph during their participation in the Great March of Return.
He confirmed that celebrating Hamas’ inception reflects that the resistance movement was founded to lead the Palestinian people in their struggle against the occupation, preserve the Palestinian national constants, and unite the Palestinians behind the option of resistance.
Al-Muzaini noted that Hamas was founded 31 years ago in response to the illegal Israeli occupation of West Bank and the Gaza strip.
The Hamas leader hailed the Palestinian resistance for defending its people against the ongoing Israeli aggression and safeguarding the national constants amid an accelerating wave of normalisation with the Israeli occupation.
Al- Muzaini wished the Palestinian people in diaspora, the Arab and Islamic nations, and the free people of the world a year full of prosperity and development.


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