Chamber of agriculture: "Turkish Grain Board should determine the prices by taking costs into account"

Chamber of agriculture: "Turkish Grain Board should determine the prices by taking costs into account"
Date: 22.8.2023 16:00

TZOB Chairman Şemsi Bayraktar stated that corn producers were affected by the increasing input prices.

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In his written statement, Şemsi Bayraktar, Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey (TZOB), drew attention to the fact that although the corn harvest will intensify in the coming days, the prices are lagging behind last year.
"The price of corn was announced as 5 thousand 700 liras per ton on August 23, 2022 by the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) last year. Today, corn prices hover between 5 thousand liras and 5 thousand 500 liras per ton. Corn prices, which are behind this year's production costs and last year's purchase prices, worry our producers. Our producers are afraid that the prices will decrease further with the harvest that will intensify in the coming days," Bayraktar said.
Pointing out that it is thought that there may be a problem in the sale of corn, Bayraktar emphasized that especially small farmers do not have the opportunity to wait for the product.
Stating that corn production is at a “record” level this season, Bayraktar said, "While the increase in production is pleasing, it is important that the increased production also reflects on the welfare of our farmers who produce with a thousand and one effort. In this sense, while the corn needed during the year is completed with imports, it should be planned at the beginning to protect the income of the producer in the new season. TMO should take into account the declining prices in the market, and explain the price that takes into account the cost of corn production and the livelihood of our producers, so that our producers, who are having a difficult season with increasing input prices, do not lose. It should make explanations to our manufacturers that they will not have problems in marketing their product and address their concerns."


Bayraktar stated that the total corn production in the world is expected to increase by 6.4 percent in the 2023-2024 season, and stated that global corn prices have decreased by 30 percent in the last year.
Pointing out that with the implementation of zero customs duty on corn imports until the end of April, an excessive amount of imports were made in 4 months, Bayraktar made the following assessment:
"This year's spring rains were beneficial for corn production throughout our country. However, higher than normal temperatures in the following summer months had a negative impact on the yield. According to the 1st estimation results of the Turkish Statistical Institute, 8 million 500 thousand tons of corn production is expected this year, which was realized last year. In addition to the increase in cultivation areas in recent years, the increase in yields has led to a significant increase in corn production. In the last 5 years, corn production has increased by 49 percent."


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