China should be taken a step back with effective diplomacy.

China should be taken a step back with effective diplomacy.
Date: 7.1.2021 12:00

Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Ömer Faruk Yazıcı and his delegation paid a support visit to the Uighurs who have been on duty for days in front of the Consulate General of China in Istanbul.

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During the visit, Jevlan Shirmehmet and Medine Nazimi, one of the oppressed Uighurs, told Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Head Yazıcı about their pain and demands. Noting that they could not hear from their families for a long time and the calls made to China remained unanswered, the oppressed Uyghurs asked all politicians to support them. Oppressed Uyghurs thanked the Saadet Party for their support visit.


Listening to the oppressed Uighurs who could not hear from their families, Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Ömer Faruk Yazıcı made a statement to the press members. Describing the human drama experienced in East Turkistan as "a systematic and inhumane extermination operation that reminds the genocide, reminiscent of the darkness of the Middle Ages on earth", Yazıcı said, "Unfortunately, while this inhumane practice of China continues recklessly, what is even more sad is the world. this is to remain silent in the face of persecution. But there is one more sad thing than that; It is that the Islamic world remains silent to these atrocities. We believe that if a Muslim's feet are pricked in the east, the Muslims in the west are responsible for it."
"It is sad that the government does not take part in any attempt"
Ömer Faruk Yazıcı noted that the country that should take the most serious responsibility at the point of protecting the Uighurs and intervene in this process is Turkey. 
Yazıcı said, "It is very sad and thought-provoking that our country does not take any action against the Uighur Turks who were persecuted in China."


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