Cihangir Islam: "Constitutional state does not work like this"

Cihangir Islam: "Constitutional state does not work like this"
Date: 20.1.2019 13:00

Saadet Party Istanbul Deputy Prof. Dr. Cihangir Islam was the guest of 'Youth Academy'.

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Saadet Party Istanbul Deputy Prof. Dr. Cihangir Islam was the guest of a program that organized by Istanbul Women's Youth Branch. Islam held its conference on Rights and Justice. Istanbul Women's Youth Branches President Mesude Donmez participated in the program held in Adile Mermerci Application Hotel and many women's branches members attended.
Speaking in the program, Cihangir Islam said, "Very valuable ladies, the concept of justice, which is the basic concept in our politics to do as you all live and experience, is at the center of our lives. Today's violation of justice that we look at Turkey, we see that this principle is ignored. They took people into custody, fired them. The rule of law is very important. Even the worst law state is better than law. It is difficult to struggle with an understanding of arbitrary, one-man-dominance, which does not rule out any rules of governing for themselves. The mentality that it does, sees its state power as legitimate to use in all illegalities. The state of law does not work like this," he said.
Cihangir Islam, "We bring the political pillar of FETÖ to the Assembly; The AKP and MHP refused it. I went out on the street after the call of the Prime Minister of the period Binali Yıldırım. We were on the street that night, where were these managers? They are not covered, the truth is revealed in a way. 140 thousand people were fired. We have called the state of law. 140 thousand people laid off based on what? How was the list prepared in a day? Law is our primary concern. A well-functioning legal order is better than any arbitrary action. Because you can correct it. The rule of law is the equal treatment of the president and the citizen. Our struggle will continue until everyone in this country abides by the law." he added.


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