Citizens experience grievances in reaching TURKOVAC

Citizens experience grievances in reaching TURKOVAC
Date: 9.1.2022 09:00

Widespread use of the domestic and national vaccine Turkovac has begun, but its application only in city hospitals makes citizens suffer.

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The widespread use of the domestic vaccine started with the emergency use approval of TURKOVAC.
However, citizens experience grievances in reaching TURKOVAC, which is applied only in city hospitals.
Citizens forming queues in city hospitals want TURKOVAC to be applied in all hospitals and health centers like other vaccines.
TURKOVAC vaccine, which has been widely used, has started to be applied in city hospitals throughout Turkey.
While those who want to have the vaccine locally form long queues in front of city hospitals, citizens demand that TURKOVAC be applied in other hospitals and health centers, as in Biontech and Sinovac.
While health professionals, especially the Ministry of Health, encourage citizens to have the Turkovac vaccine, on the other hand, the inability to apply the vaccine in every hospital brings grievances.
Citizens who wait for the 2nd or 3rd dose vaccines to be able to receive the TURKOVAC vaccine are now having problems due to the limited number of hospitals where the vaccine is administered.
Citizens expect the Ministry of Health to address this issue as soon as possible.


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